Placing a microphone kit on a fragile instrument


Certain rules must be observed in order not to damage your instruments which are sometimes very expensive.

  • If you own an old instrument, you need to take some precautions. If the varnish does not appear to be in good condition, worn, very thin, as on some Quartet instruments, use the putty adhesive instead for all items placed on the soundboard. Remove the elements very gently!
  • You can on the other hand use the scratch on the tailpiece (double bass, violin, cello…) to place the connection support for example.
  • If you have a newer instrument with a relatively thick varnish that is of good quality and in good condition, you can normally use the double-sided to lay the entire Micro Kit, which provides a safe, clean and stable placement. You can normally also use it on a part of unvarnished wood like on some Ouds. It's clean and shouldn't mess. However, try
  • When you want to remove the elements of a kit installed with the double sided, turn the part on itself, for example, take the aerial microphone between your fingers and turn it gently in one direction. It comes off easily. The double-sided can then be rolled easily under the fingers. Avoid vertical or leaning takeoff.

ISCHELL MICROPHONE SYSTEMS cannot be held responsible for damage to an instrument following the installation of one of our microphone kits. See the GTCS

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