AC adapter

20,00 - 37,00

Mains adapters for X48 Series and for MK, MSK and BAR 8…



  • Adapter 9v for systems X48C2, C3 and X48JC, negative center connector. We advise you to use a 9v battery to power your system, which avoids many buzz problems in the sound. Nevertheless, this adapter will be useful to help you out in the event of a discharged 9v battery.
  • Adapter 12v for systems ISCHELL MK/MSK/BAR8, connector with center positive. This product is sometimes out of stock. Contact us if you have a problem with the original transformer in your system Ischell, we can certainly fix it or we will offer you other solutions. In the meantime, you can power your system through the phantom power of your mixer or your amp via the XLR outputs (except for the BAR8).


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