Double-Sided Adhesive


Double-sided transparent repositionable. Perfectly clean, stable. For the connection support and the other elements of the kit. Do not use on fragile varnishes


Repositionable transparent double-sided adhesive tape

Allows a clean, invisible and resistant placement! The pieces don't move. It is ideal for any instrument whose surface is flat, varnished and in good condition.
To remove the elements, rotate the part gently. She comes off. Then roll up the double-sided, which is easily removed.
DO NOT USE for all fragile or old varnishes. Give it a try.
Surfaces must be clean.
About 30 centimeters
Allows 10 to 15 complete replacements depending on your microphone kit.

3 reviews for Double-Sided Adhesive

  1. 5 on 5

    Bruno S. -


    Perfect for attaching a floating microphone to the pickguard of an archtop

  2. 5 on 5

    Bruno SBORDONE -

    Used to stick a floating microphone on a pickguard of an archtop. Impeccable!

  3. 5 on 5

    Anonymous -

    Ordered in addition to the microphone X48+CVX, I didn't actually need it since the system is already delivered with it. I thought it would only ship with Velcro! The double-sided holds very well on a shellac varnish applied with a tampon. It will be necessary to be very delicate if I decide one day to detach the system from the instrument.

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