Balafon / Vibraphone and multisource instrument pickups

Bar X 38 balafon

The mic AirBag-C is a new type of contact microphone, its mode of operation is unique. The sound is natural, rich, dynamic, powerful, precise, even reproducing the tremolo of vibraphones ...

Very good resistance to feedback without transplanting ambient noise. Can be used easily in a guitar type amp, with effects, to make loops etc ...

The microphones are placed under the blades of the instrument, at the edge of the lateral support, in the center.

The model BAR X 8/40 is a system for blade instruments like balafon, vibraphone etc. Two standard systems of 22 (Balafon) and 37 contact microphones (chromatic Balafon, vibraphone, etc.), and any other optional configuration from 8 to 40 microphones. This version offers a volume control for each microphone and low cuts in groups of 7/8 easily accessible from the front of the system, the cable length of each microphone is adjustable from 10 to 30 cm to adapt to each instrument and optimize the visual, an insert in / out in jack (for effects), the audio output in Jack and XLR, specific fixings for balafon and vibraphone, a rigid tube for transport…. Cable clips and paste to be fixed are provided. Microphone kits can remain installed on the instrument, they do not modify the acoustic sound.

Video essay by Josselin Quentin with raw sound and effects