Contact microphone:

  • As a reminder, it is important to properly prepare your contact microphone for installation, do not hesitate to reread the advice below depending on your model:
  • Original C1 contact microphone preparation page
  • C2 and C3 contact microphones preparation page
  • The contact microphone is placed inside, generally between the central foot of the bridge and the treble, on the neck side.
  • If the sound is too hard, move it away from the foot of a few mm going towards the handle.
  • If you want more attack, bring it closer.
  • You can also play on the treble bass by moving slightly towards the bass or treble strings.
  • Adjust the compression if necessary. If the notes are more or less strong, try to press again on the microphone in order to compress the sound which can correct these problems of note power, but also of too present harmonics, if possible use the supplied shim.

The aerial microphone:

  • Can be placed inside on the side or outside at the level of the bridge.

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