Double-sided use


double sided

We recommend that you use the double sided for the installation of the external elements of the microphone kit, it is necessary for this that the varnish of the instrument is in good condition. It provides stable, clean and non-destructive fixation.

All the elements of the kit can be fixed with the double sided, except the contact microphone, the first cable clip which is 3cm from the microphone and the elements placed inside the instrument which will be placed with putty adhesive .

To take off, take the kit elements between your fingers and turn them gently to the side. Then remove the double-sided, which rolls easily under your fingers.

For installation, prepare your microphone kit in advance. Cut out the double-sided parts needed for your microphone kit with good scissors then place them on the elements as you cut them.

Important: Avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers as much as possible!

Then place the microphone kit by removing the plastic protections covering the adhesive.

We remind you that in most cases you have to place the connection support first, then run the cables on the instrument by fixing them using the cable clips and then the microphones last.

On a very fragile instrument, prefer the adhesive putty.

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