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Professional microphone systems for acoustic instruments: folk acoustic guitar, gypsy guitar, classical and flamenco guitar, Celtic and pedal harp, double bass, cello, viola and violin, mandolin, ud, kora and n'goni, piano, hang, handpan, balafon, vibraphone etc.

Contact Microphones

Contact microphones Ischell C1, C2 and C3 are new types of pickups that attach to the instrument with a specific putty audio adhesive. The sound is comparable to an aerial microphone, fidelity, warmth, width, air… With the acoustic insulation and the feedback resistance of a piezo pickup, allowing to play in conditions of high levels on stage. You can easily use it in an amp, apply effects or make clean loops. A revolution in the amplification of many instruments on stage! An innovation Ischell

Miniature Aerial Microphonesaircapt

The aerial microphones Ischell A1 and A3 are miniature condenser microphones with a design studied to be placed closer to the sound on the instrument. It optimizes sound pickup with more gain, less feedback and less ambient noise. Particularly suitable for acoustic situations or as a complement to our contact microphone, they faithfully and very naturally reproduce the sound of your instrument with precision, dynamics and allow comfortable levels on stage without a microphone stand.

Best Sellers

  • inside J48C

    4.98 on 5

    Contact microphone C1, C2 or C3, fixed installation (drilling required), Unbalanced Jack out, works on 9 volt battery, option of volume button or wheel, high levels on stage…

    259,00 - 368,00
  • X48C

    4.86 on 5

    C2 or C3 contact microphone, removable installation, 65 cm microphone cable, operates on phantom power, high levels on stage...

    259,00 - 319,00
  • X48JC

    5.00 on 5

    System with remote electronics, fixed or removable installation of the C2 or C3 contact microphone, phantom power with 9v battery option allowing output Jack, native XLR output,…

    299,00 - 379,00
  • J48C

    5.00 on 5

    Contact microphone C1, C2 or C3, removable installation, Unbalanced Jack out, 9 volt battery operation, high levels on stage…

    269,00 - 378,00
  • J-BOX3C

    4.83 on 5

    System with remote electronics, removable installation of the C3 contact microphone, powered by 9v battery, Unbalanced Jack out Hi-Z, strong levels on stage…


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  1. Natural sound! With good adjustment with the putty (high enough) and the place where the microphone is positioned, for the best microphone I have for my sitar.

    Image #1 from Nicolas F.
  2. Very satisfied with the restitution of the timbre of the instrument, and the output level. THANKS Ischell.
    Classical guitar

  3. Excellent!
    X48C3-T Piano

  4. High quality equipment, installed by a very competent technician, attentive to my needs and the sound of my instrument...I recommend it+++++
    X48JC3 Gypsy Guitar

  5. Super happy with this microphone and the service Ischell ! I asked to lengthen the cable to avoid attaching the tape to the violin, so I have the fixation on the cushion and do not damage the varnish! The sound is faithful to the acoustic violin, we keep the roundness and expression: vibrato, nuances, accents and effects of the bow come out very well. No saturation on double strings or feedback, unlike other cartridges. I used it for jazz and traditional music (in small ensembles) and have no complaints, it's perfect! In addition, very good customer service and fast delivery, go for it!!

    Image #1 from Barbara
    Image #2 from Barbara
    Image #3 from Barbara

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