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  1. An effective sensor, which reproduces the fineness of the harp very well, without causing feedback at the slightest increase in volume. In addition, and I didn't expect it, you can play softly with the harp with sound and obtain much more subtle melodies than when you have to play like a nag so that the harp can be heard. Installation question, no problems. As recommended in the instructions, I first looked for the best location for sound reproduction by placing the sensor on the table outside. In my case (my harp is a Camac melusine), it was around the E25 string that the sound spectrum was the most balanced. Then, I stuck the sensor under the table (so inside the harp). The sound remained exactly the same. The putty remained flexible throughout the search for the best place. Despite the XLR output, the installed assembly is very discreet. See some photos of my harp “Ischellee”.
    In short, I'm excited
    Model: X48C3-T

    Image #1 from LUC WOERLY
    Image #2 from LUC WOERLY
    Image #3 from LUC WOERLY
  2. Natural sound! With good adjustment with the putty (high enough) and the place where the microphone is positioned, for the best microphone I have for my sitar.

    Image #1 from Nicolas F.
  3. Very satisfied with the restitution of the timbre of the instrument, and the output level. THANKS Ischell.
    Classical guitar

  4. Excellent!
    X48C3-T Piano

  5. High quality equipment, installed by a very competent technician, attentive to my needs and the sound of my instrument...I recommend it+++++
    X48JC3 Gypsy Guitar

  6. Super happy with this microphone and the service Ischell ! I asked to lengthen the cable to avoid attaching the tape to the violin, so I have the fixation on the cushion and do not damage the varnish! The sound is faithful to the acoustic violin, we keep the roundness and expression: vibrato, nuances, accents and effects of the bow come out very well. No saturation on double strings or feedback, unlike other cartridges. I used it for jazz and traditional music (in small ensembles) and have no complaints, it's perfect! In addition, very good customer service and fast delivery, go for it!!

    Image #1 from Barbara
    Image #2 from Barbara
    Image #3 from Barbara
  7. Hello,
    Following the purchase of X48C3-T and some placement difficulties, I finally found the most suitable place for my n'goni and which best corresponds to what I expected.
    I placed it in the center on the back of the bridge and there it is magnificent, I have never had a sound as faithful to the instrument in acoustics as with the microphone from Ischell.!
    A big thank you to you for the professionalism, the quality of the product and the echangare telephone.
    I am attaching two photos of my n'goni to see the placement of the microphone.
    Philippe Maudet.

    Image #1 from Philippe Maudet
    Image #2 from Philippe Maudet
  8. I use the Jack for several years in two koras (a traditional ring and a more modern chromatic one). I play in an “Afro Buffle” group with percussionists and bass guitar. This system allows me to have a sound that is very faithful to the acoustics of the Kora with a wide amplitude (3 octaves). The bass reproduction is particularly very generous. After trying many microphones, the system ischell is really the best compromise for having faithful acoustic quality and fairly good feedback resistance. Plus the after-sales service is top notch. Thanks Fisher.

  9. Very good microphone for violin (I used it for contemporary music). Good service.
    French company is convenient for communicating.

  10. I bought this microphone for a hybrid classical/flamenco luthier guitar.
    The naturalness of the sound is impressive.
    Perfect balance between registers, no muffled or buzzing areas.
    The key is finding the exact location where the contact microphone should be placed. It took us two hours to find this spot (somewhere under the nut, between strings 4 and 5), but once we found it, it was impressive.
    Whether it's an arpeggio with a classic attack, a powerful rasgueo or a golpe on a soundboard, the naturalness is always there, just as the possible range of nuances is as wide as in acoustics.
    I say it a third time, impressive!!!
    Merci mille voice Ischell
    Alvaro Martinez placeholder image

  11. Dear Fischer, thank you for finally making my amplified Double Bass sound just like it does acoustically. It is much more feedback resistant than a mic, but still sounds like one. I've tried every Piëzo pickup under the sun and nothing comes as close as the X48C3-T from you. The sound is so natural and blends perfectly with a minimum of EQ (mostly just a high pass filter). Goodbye Piezo, I will never go back. In fact, I think I'll have to get me a spare/backup X48C3-T.

    I found the placement on my bass was perfect if placed right between the G-side bridge foot and the sound post, without touching the bridge. I'm extremely happy with this purchase and can highly recommend it to Double Bass players seeking a natural amplified sound, without the dreaded 'Piëzo-quack'; and without the feedback pitfalls of using a microphone through an amp for Live use.

    Image #1 from Martin Christensen
    Image #2 from Martin Christensen
    Image #3 from Martin Christensen
  12. Wooow I can't believe how good this mic sounds! Stunning performance in stage, so powerful gain level, no feedback at all. Actually Best pick up in the market!
    Mr Fischer was so kind and helpful!
    I recommend it 100 percent!
    Flamenco guitar

  13. Very good quality

  14. The best microphone I have tested on my F type mandolin 🙌
    – High level on stage
    – Significant feedback margin
    – Good frequency response which reproduces the sound of the instrument very well
    – Easy to install

    Image #1 from Michael P.
  15. Excellent microphone. There are numerous possibilities to find the sound that suits you thanks to the mounting putties and the positioning of the microphone. The advice on the site is very numerous and very clear. In addition, the team is very responsive and very attentive.

  16. Super quality microphone, just like customer service

  17. This system is faithful to the acoustic sound of my guitar. I didn't want to engage the low cuts in order to be able to adjust the sound at the amp. But my “Dublin” guitar  KOPO guitares generates a lot of bass. I really need to cut the bass frequencies from the amp. I will ask my luthier to activate the low cuts.

  18. I use a pair of microphones C3BHP to add sound to my pedal harp as part of a harp and electronics project (Avelune), both in the studio and live.

    I was won over from the first use… the rendering of the C3BHP is natural, precise, the roundness of the sound of the instrument is always present. I place them directly using the adhesive putty on the resonance table, one towards the low mids and the other towards the treble (for a stereo rendering).
    Very easy to use (I often transport them for recordings and concerts), installation is done quickly and the sound is immediately fantastic, very little editing required.

    Also a big thank you to Fischer for his advice and responsiveness :) I can only recommend these microphones!

  19. Amazing pickup. Installed on my wife’s Turkish KamanChello. (Like a kamanche but in the chello range). Very beautiful warm sound. Not harsh. Very resistant to feedback. Gives a natural good sound with strong signal, and doesn’t require much eq to sound natural. I love how easy it is to set this up on this instrument without equipment for installing. The pickup comes with all then necessary Velcro and sticky tack to do a lot of experimenting and future placement on other instruments in the future. Fischer was very very helpful and patient before and after purchase.
    Amazing company. I’m very happy I thing ischell for our instruments. We now have very natural and easy to mix sound for our events and don’t have to worry about feedback anymore. Thanks fischer :)

  20. Amazing pickup, and even more amazing customer service. Fischer was extremely helpful and patient and guided me in choosing the best pickup option for my instrument and my needs. He gave very explicit instructions for finding the best location in the instrument, and was very supportive all along the way. Shipping time was very fast, and the pickup comes with everything necessary to easily set up in the instrument, and a lot of spare materials for experimenting different placements and future uses.
    The sound of the ischell is truly impressive. I used to have a K&K twin piezo, and was always bothered with the sound of my harp, which just didn’t sound to my ears like my harp really sounded.
    With the ischell, after finding proper placement, I find that I don't need any eq adjustments. I just plug in and play amplified and get a really good sound.
    Fischer explained how to experiment with pickup placement in order to find the most natural sounding position on the soundboard, thereby not requiring eq adjustments to the sound later on.
    I recently recorded myself during a live concert, and after listening to the recording, I realized how amazing this pickup really sounds! I was so happy with the sound I ended using the track. So you could even record with this without needing any external condenser microphone if necessary to record in a loud location.

  21. After a few months of trying out my X48C I finally find the time to give a feedback. To make it short: I’m 100% happy with it! After using many different pickups over the last 30 years I finally have an amplified sound on my 150 years old Bohemian bass which sounds like a double bass ;-) Last but not least I got feedbacks from several sound engineers who declared this system as totally easy and stress-free to handle. Thanks a lot for your work!

    Image #1 from David Aebli
  22. This is the first contact mic I have found that reproduces Gadulka's sound faithfully and with serious volume. Jack output means I can use effects pedals and since it's not a condenser there is no chance of feedback. Super convenient and quality construction, well done!

    Image #1 from Isabel
  23. Perfect for reinforcing pianos on stage. The spectrum is broad and does not require major correction. I thought I would use it mainly in monitors but it ultimately takes up a significant part of my FOH mix in addition to static. So I am very satisfied. Not yet used on other instruments. but I will see it very well on different stringed acoustics.

  24. Best pickup mic I have ever used in my oud.

  25. Really a good solution for piano. I use it as the main signal for FX routing. thinking of expanding to 2 units at some point.

  26. Easy to use, adapts to different instruments and superb sound quality

  27. Very good result even at high power, I have not tested it in concert but the tests are excellent!
    The installation went well thanks to the precise explanations provided, thank you Mr Fischer

  28. Excellent system, the position is very important, but once the right place is found, the result is very impressive! Thank you for this awesome system!
    Taylor Folk Guitar

  29. The amplified sound of my bass has not been this good before. You have a great product and great customer service, thank you very much.

  30. Very practical tool on set or on stage with very good value for money. I use it regularly to support pianos during live studio recordings or for amplification. The sound is very pleasant and precise. The only downside is the breath which is still very present. But it does not interfere in strong parts and in the studio, Izotope RX allows you to get rid of it. So I'm very satisfied and I always have 2 with me for emergencies when I'm on the go.

  31. TOP ! THANKS :-)

  32. Easy to install, easy to use, and an undeniable “acoustic” sound recording quality, close to perfection!
    folk guitar

  33. Of course, the system Ischell is an investment. But what happiness! Farewell feedback, farewell its narrow or unrecognizable. I play kamalen'goni with a drummer, two guitarists, a double bass player and a singer. I needed power: it is there with the system Ischell, while preserving the sound quality of the instrument. No negative point, even if you look carefully… It is up to the musician to work on the sound afterwards with a DY, an equalizer etc…. In short, thank you Ischell !

  34. Finally a real faithful acoustic guitar sound without any feedback! very high quality microphone. The placement of the microphone is essential and can give very different results, thanks to mr Ischell for the time spent testing, the result is worth it!

  35. The best system I've had for a folk guitar.

  36. Transparent mic, minimum noise and broad sonic response for rav vast. Great ischell support.

  37. I ordered the J48c to mount it on my kamale ngoni for live settings and I'm really pleased with this pickup …it sounds beautiful! It delivers a very clear and direct sound.
    I got a tip from other ngoni players to mount it on the back of the bridge instead of mounting it inside the instrument, to avoid feedback issues when playing on stage, especially with bass players whose low notes can trigger feedback. To make this happen, I had to alter a few of the string stoppers on the bridge to create space for the pickup so I used guitar string ball ends (see picture) and this works well. The position of the pickup is just fine and covers both bass and high notes.

    I can't wait to play with this in a live setting with other musicians…must be great fun!

    big thanks Ischell for this fine pickup and also for all your email support!

    Image #1 from Marco Hilgeman
  38. Arrived on time, in a very short time despite the distance (United States) and customs. Very satisfied.

  39. The 2×48 system as an upgrade to my old system is just perfect for my use, both in the studio and on stage. Great build quality, ease of use, and most importantly: the sound is fantastic. THANKS!

  40. Excellent mic, J48A adds air to the sound, with a good bass and treble balance, suddenly we find the acoustic sound of his instrument. Installed on a 7 nylon string and another on 7 folk strings by luthier Claude Labourdette.

  41. I use this system in concerts on 3 of my instruments, a 12-string kamele n'goni and 2 koras, all made by luthier Gweltas Simon. After many years alongside Soungalo Coulibaly, then within Kala Jula (, and today in many other projects, this is by far what I have found most effective and more faithful to reproduce without problem the sound of my instruments.

    Image #1 from Vincent Zanetti
  42. Super micro, this is the first time that I have a simple system that faithfully reproduces the acoustic sound of my gypsy guitar. The installation instructions are very clear and allow you to quickly find the right position for the microphone.

  43. Very good cable.

  44. I would say, this one is totally game changer… I bought this last November but I've just tried today because of period that my bass was taken a while to be fixed. I found right spot very easily by using audio interface(in my case, I found 'position 3' fits my bass). After that, I went to jam session and boom! I was able to hear just naturally amplified sound. I turned off and on several times because I couldn't believe it. I don't know maybe I might try to find another nice spot, but for me 'flat position' with 'position 3' is worked for me. nice job Ischell!

    If you find wrong spot, you'll get kinds of electric UB sound. Not very awful, but you wanna get more 'woody' sound, I believe.

  45. Very good product

  46. I installed my C3BHP on my oud and I am very satisfied with the result. The oud is very, well, resonant instrument and I spent a good amount of time finding the best mic position and the corresponding EQ and amp settings. Also, the amount of the adhesive gel is very important, too. Take your time and read the manual, this time :-) You can find everything you need to know on the site.
    Now I have very balanced sound with just a bit of natural compression and no feedback at all. Perfect!
    Thank you, ISCHELL!

    Image #1 from Svetlin Staikov
  47. Ma kora sounds perfect.

  48. Very nice sound

  49. Shukar!
    The "ISCHELL“let the soul of my gypsy violin pass through!
    Najis tuke (thanks to you) Fischer!
    Tshatshimo from “Bijou Horse”

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  50. Perfect, thank you very much for the installation tips! The sound is perfect, test during his first concert! Thanks ! (gypsy guitar)

  51. Completely satisfied.. The sound system is magnificent with this microphone respecting the acoustics of the instrument (kora)..

  52. Here is finally a microphone (C3) without feedback with respect for the sound. I will perform changmicrophone placement elements to optimize sound.
    I took two. the other will be installed indoors to preview the sound.
    I recommend.
    inside J48C

    Image #1 from Patrick M.
    Image #2 from Patrick M.
  53. Works perfectly. Still hunting for the ultimate placement on my double bass, however have a very usable sound currently. High quality tone! Love it. Thank you ISCHELL

  54. Un X48JC with a C3 microphone on my double bass. The sound is crazy. Note the knowledge base is very complete and very clear and must be taken into account! Especially on the placement of the microphone. Originally I ordered a X-Jack but they very kindly advised me to go on their new product and I'm super happy. it's not what I ordered but they advised me to

    Image #1 from Florian Roy
  55. I had been looking for a very long time for a microphone capable of sounding a RAV VAST PYGMY (sort of hang) live with very specific constraints (show surrounded by dancers and a poet who declaims texts, for rooms of 500 to a thousand people.
    After trying countless pickups, I was never very happy with the result.
    Either the microphones (style sm 57/58, AKG C 411) were not precise enough, or they were excellent (AKG C 414 or Neumann), but picked up the environment of the show or left feedback depending on the skills of the sound engineer or location.

    And I “fall” on the site Ischell...

    Extraordinary luck, I live 10 min. of the designer (Nantes), which allows me to be able to try the microphone
    And there, the slap.
    Very precise microphone, all the subtleties of the fingers on the instrument are there, the sound is round, full, the bass very present, the treble not garish and the resonance well balanced, as in acoustics.
    With a slight equalization, I rediscover my instrument. No more problems with feedback or picking up surrounding sounds. In short, exactly what I needed.
    The icing on the cake. The friendliness of the designer who takes the time to try the microphone with me and to explain to me how to install it correctly,hange with a critical spirit, all in subtlety, really seeking to understand the musician and his desires, a true passionate about sound who knows how to speak “music”. Thanks to him for his welcome. More briefly, a very nice discovery that I can only recommend!

  56. Completely satisfied with the new microphone, it's nice to take the time to place it in the ideal place and find the sound of the harp, as I hear it!

  57. Excellent!

  58. I installed this microphone on my Flamenca Camps MC-5, and the sound is just magnificent, hyper faithful to the sound of the acoustic guitar.
    I love.
    I plan to install the same microphone on my Larrivee in the fairly near future.

    Image #1 from Antoine Staquet
    Image #2 from Antoine Staquet
  59. Used in addition to a piezo on my guitar, no feedback, I'm satisfied...

  60. Easy to use, but I needed a few different positions before I got the sound I wanted. This on upright piano. I also think it is a bit too must “leak” from other instruments on stage, but overall satisfied.

  61. Just perfect ! Super advice by phone to guide in the choice of the microphone according to my use. Very satisfied, easy to install on my gypsy guitar (the first time!), used several times in stage condition on an AER, the microphone responds perfectly, no feedback.

  62. I am very happy to use the PA system”C3BHP ” on my harp. I find the sounds that I want to transmit and make the public feel... Thank you ISCHELL
    Ismael Ledesma

    Image #1 from Ismael Ledesma
  63. After a few months of use, I would highly recommend the C3 for double bassists. It retains clarity and a natural tone at high stage volume while being resistant to feedback. Placement partially over the bass bar, level with the lower portion of the f hole, yields the most even response between pizz and arco on my bass.

  64. The new version of the micro contact Ischell C3 is definitely an improvement. I use it for several months live on a double bass. It has all the advantages of the piezo (no repisse, no feedback) but the sound is really close to a “classic” microphone placed very close to the instrument, in the bridge for example.
    Compared to the old version: more beautiful bass, much more treble, which clarifies the sound and above all a much more natural dynamic which is closer to the acoustic playing experience.
    Obviously the sound is not to be compared to what you can get in the studio with a nice condenser microphone! You have to find the right placement on the instrument and take care of the equalization a bit. But for the live, it is for me the best compromise sound / efficiency.

  65. Super quality contact microphone for cello. I use it with an ampliAER, the perfect combo. Advice for choosing the best microphone, fast delivery and quality after-sales service. In short, I recommend.

  66. It starts with an excellent contact, we take the time to talk about the instrument, the needs, the solutions. Installation very well explained on the site. Okay, but then the sound? The sound !! it's that of my mandolin, a really acoustic sound, with a slight compression, I love it. Finally a real amplification, it's not a piezo, it's not a microphone in front of the instrument with all its drawbacks, no compromise, it's the solution ISCHELLHey guys, well done!

    Image #1 from François AGEORGES
    Image #2 from François AGEORGES
  67. I have not yet had the opportunity to use these 2 microphones on stage. But at first sight it seems perfect:
    I was able to install them easily with the manual. I easily found the optimal position by doing some tests with a mixer and an acoustic guitar amp.
    The sound of my oud was already very similar to the one it has naturally and this by leaving the equalization flat, both on the table and on the amp. This leaves a good margin of maneuver to adapt the settings to the rather diverse places where I plan to play. I am very happy with my purchase so far. Thank you Ischell ! A bit pricey, but the quality is worth the price. The hardware was well packaged and everything needed to properly attach the mics with.
    In the top !

    Image #1 from Yves R.
  68. Great mic, used on tenor banjo. Possibility of raising the volume well without any feedback. With a good placement on the banjo, the microphone is perfect!

  69. I had equipped my Esteve classical guitar with a piezo. I was not satisfied with it at all. By dint of looking for information, I became interested in the proposal forIschell - a production of the hexagon. It took me a long time to complete the installation: lots of trial and error, each time requiring the strings to be relaxed and then retuned. This system is worth it! I greatly appreciated the availability of Fischer who, by telephone, was able to guide me very effectively. The result is magnificent ! It is very interesting to try to start playing without the amplification, to soak up the acoustic sound, and, when you put the sound of the amp (Acus 8 in this case) you are surprised to hear exactly the acoustic sound. It's the first time I feel that. Cheer ! I discover a new pleasure to play this classical guitar. I intend to equip my folk guitar with the same system.

  70. A very realistic sound and very insensitive to feedback even with a battery next door we manage to have a very clean acoustic guitar sound. We are very satisfied with it.

  71. very good material

  72. This J48CCB-C3 is a really great product! It took me some time/experimentation to find where to put it to get a good/balanced sound but it was totally worth it. For the last two months, I didn't have to use a piezo at all. Every bass player that have heard me have asked what pickup I'm using. The sound “cuts” through really well and it's easy to EQ. I even used it on a live recording with satisfying result.

    Kristian lind

    Image #1 from Kristian Lind
  73. With the microphone Ischell J48C3 I find the natural sound of my classical guitar while keeping the subtleties of colors and timbres specific to my instrument

  74. Excellent, thank you very much. I find my Kora!
    X48C2 9v battery option

  75. Very good product and the microphone is perfect for my great sound double bass

  76. Very good cable which seems to be of quality and resistant

  77. Very satisfied with the INSIDE J48 C system with a C2 capsule mounted on a kora electric of my manufacture.

    The sound is fantastic and very close to the sound of a kora acoustic. All the acoustic spectrum is respected brilliantly without feedback.

    The design of the C2 capsule is visually very pleasant compared to the C1 capsule. It also mounts more easily than the C1 in terms of compression adjustment.

    A highly recommended purchase for those who want to sound a kora !

    Bravo ISCHELL who responds quickly to all technical questions for an optimal end result

    Image # 1 from Pascal OMNES
    Image # 2 from Pascal OMNES
  78. Very convenient !

    A recommended purchase to mount a capsule with jack and not to intervene violin.

  79. Superb! I took the black which looks very good. I bought it to replace a Bose S1 pro amp. In terms of noise, it's quite another thing, nothing to do with it. Where, on the Bose, we only heard a sonic magma (I'm exaggerating a little bit) we have, on the Acus, a perfect definition of sounds on all registers. Nothing to say, it's very good material!

  80. I am very happy with the Ischell Inside Box + CPJ. I use it with an Eastman DM-1 and play in a gypsy jazz quartet with another guitar, violin and upright bass. We play indoors at restaurants and some outdoor shows. My amp is a 60 watt AER. I get plenty of volume and virtually no feedback. I did experiment a little moving the mic around before I found the right spot, but sound is very true to the acoustic sound of the guitar.

  81. Always so serious and efficient. I'm on my 6th mic, and I've never been disappointed.

  82. Perfect

  83. my guitar playing evolving… my rhythms taking more and more of an alternation of strings and percussion, it was necessary to be pro, clean and efficient! I found ! 6 tests accompanied by Mr. Fischer to arrive at a setting still in test (5 concerts performed) but already very satisfactory !!! The 25 dates of the tour will (probably… or not) consolidate the investment, but the investment is final! Musicians, music lovers or spectators… everyone recognizes the warmth of this new sound! A new, quality playing field that opens up to precision and more subtle creation for Salga la luna!
    Thank you sir ! :)

    Image # 1 from Fabrice
  84. In the studio it works very well let's wait July 1 for the first test in public

  85. When I amplify a piano with my Ischell it's just like a fish in water: silence and my bubbles <3

  86. The microphone is installed on a Waterloo WL14 guitar, really great, its faithful. You have to take the time to find the right location, a little EQ and it works.

  87. Excellent products and service.

  88. I am absolutely delighted with this microphone on my harp! The sound is beautiful, very clear with nice bass. Perfect when using effects pedals. The installation is very easy and convenient.

  89. No problem with a 1920 mirecourt.

  90. I am very happy with this microphone bought a few years ago, with the contact and professionalism of this company. Long life to Ischell.

  91. Perfect for attaching a floating microphone to the pickguard of an archtop

  92. Very good quality microphone, respecting the acoustics of the instrument.

  93. Very good contact microphone, practical and with a very nice sound reproduction

  94. Microphone installed on my Kamelen'Goni, the reproduction of my natural sound with this contact microphone, is just extraordinary. Nothing is overdone in the sound.
    The sound of the acoustics is just amplified without frills ...
    The microphone was installed inside the calabash behind the bridge…I highly recommend for anyone looking for pure sound…Thank you very much Ischell...

    Image # 1 from Hamid Gribi
    Image # 2 from Hamid Gribi
  95. Excellent! Fischer really takes the time to listen and feel each instrument (in my case a Saz), until he finds the optimal sound! Thanks again for this moment!

  96. Excellent product. I find one hundred percent of the acoustic sound of my guitar. I use the gray putty which takes away a little shine, which I sometimes disliked. Customer service attentive, available and very good advice.

  97. In all seriousness, I am very satisfied with the J48C for my kora. This micro sensor, placed in the calabash and under the bridge allows to have a much better sound than the micro cells that I tested before. The top for the stage. I also use it in the studio in addition to an AKG C451 small diaphragm microphone pair. In short, it has become essential to me! Even if I use the phantom power most of the time, I recommend taking the battery option, it's still practical.

    Image # 1 from Lucas Rizzotti
  98. Great ! After several personal tests I went to St-Herblain to optimize the pose with the designer on my Boucher Studio guitar. The sound of the new placement is exceptional! We find the great dynamics of the guitar that I certainly would not have had with a piezo pickup. It is bluffing. In addition, the after-sales service is really attentive.

    Image # 1 from Gwenole Courtas
    Image # 2 from Gwenole Courtas
  99. Very good on my celtic harp

  100. I pair this cell with a DPA 4099, and the duo works really well. After several positioning and tests done with its designer (a chance!), I found the sound (finally!) Of my Gaffiero gypsy guitar. A real happiness after the many tests on piezo and other cells not tip top.

    Thank you!

  101. The best I have ever tried .. and really I have had a lot in thirty years of practice ...
    A very faithful reproduction with good dynamics. Thank you for the quality work.

  102. Great equipment for my classical harp, allowing to explore a whole new range of sounds and universes.
    Excellent after sales service, very responsive and available.
    I recommend

  103. A fabulous sensor, with exceptional fidelity. Mounted on a Martin HD28 cs, it really conveys the acoustic response of this instrument.
    Bravo Ischell, I finally found the product to offer to customers of the workshop who are looking for the top of the range.

  104. I installed this mic myself, but I have the right tools because I am fond of carpentry. No particular problem, I followed the instructions to the letter. Sound level, for me it's really good, nothing to do with the usual piezo, the tone of the guitar is much more natural, with a good level. He has to pass the group / concert play test, but I'm confident he's going to live up to it!

  105. Very satisfied with the product received, an impeccable sound on my classical harp

  106. Very good product which really improves the sounds.

  107. Amplifier very well equipped and a very good sound reproduction for the instruments, a little less for the voice.

  108. Excellent microphone for instrument. Its natural and very pleasant, not at all “electric” on a bouzouki.

  109. Great quality

  110. Easy to order, fast shipping, easy to install, may fit any mandolin (perfect for mine), sounds really great!

    Image # 1 from Thomas L.
  111. Excellent product. I finally found a qualitative solution to sound my hammered dulcimer.

  112. Very good sound on my folk guitar!

  113. I ordered this turntable jack for my new guitar, because I install the microphone outdoors, when I play in public. I am still very satisfied.

  114. Used to stick a floating microphone on a pickguard of an archtop. Impeccable!

  115. I am extremely satisfied with the sound of the contact microphone with an oud! The sound volume that can be achieved without feedback near an amplifier is incomparable to what one could obtain with an aerial microphone, and so much more faithful to the acoustic sound than a piezo pickup or other microphones. contact I tried.

    On my floating bridge oud, the contact microphone is installed with the gray putty at position number 2 suggested by the manual Ischell with the low cut deactivated (“flat” position). At a very high volume, I have nevertheless found that the low cut is necessary.

    Unlike many oudists who use systems (Ischell or others) with a connector Jack, I opted for the Mini-XLR version as the connectors are smaller and lighter, and therefore less bulky on the ribs of my oud.

  116. Ordered in addition to the microphone X48+CVX, I didn't actually need it since the system is already delivered with it. I thought it would only ship with Velcro! The double-sided holds very well on a shellac varnish applied with a tampon. It will be necessary to be very delicate if I decide one day to detach the system from the instrument.

  117. very well made. a little short in 3m50 can be for a big stage, to play static very well ...

  118. Installation of the sensor inside the guitar simplified by the use of a webcam connected to the computer. I could not put the sensor in the recommended place (just under the saddle) because of the particular shape of the bracing (composite, Garrison guitar), I had to put it just behind the cheCitys, between the and D. Plugged into a sound system (Bose L1 tower), the sound is totally faithful! you can hear the qualities as well as the faults of the guitar and the player, without needing to equalize… beware, the “parasitic” noises too: rubbing of the palm on the tailpiece, sliding of fingers on the strings, light percussion on the body, everything about the guitar. Apart from that, nothing… I shouted near the table, I played very loudly glued to the sound system, not a shadow of feedback, and always an extremely faithful sound… I love it!!!

    Image # 1 from Thomas Moreau
  119. It’s a jack……

  120. Easy to install, good level, and above all transmits the sound of the guitar with fidelity.

  121. Very good quality cable.

  122. I use the J48A, better than a DPA 4099, more power and less aggressive on Mariano Conde flamenco guitar.

  123. Very efficient and easy to use on my banjo. However, a fairly precise equalization is necessary for the instrument to be fully expressed.

  124. I am fully satisfied with the system Ischell that I have been using for a little over a year for the stage. Very efficient, I recommend without hesitation! Kiko Ruiz

    Image # 1 from Antonio Ruiz
  125. An authentic restitution that looks like me. An after-sales service that meets my expectations. I use the pickups Ischell For years. First on a classical nylon string guitar, then on a folk. I love homemade instruments and products Ischell reproduce all their particularities with warmth and precision. No feedback problem.

    Image # 1 from Sophie S.
    Image # 2 from Sophie S.
  126. A rich and balanced sound on my viola da gamba. A very “realistic” stamp. The gray putty is more suitable.
    The position I have adopted is very close to what is indicated on the instructions. I looked for other possibilities, this is the best.
    On the table (Yamaha and Yamaha amp) I attenuated the bass a little.
    In short, excellent. Thank you

  127. Very simple installation, you quickly realize the possibilities of the microphone. Effectively little feedback, a little repisse in noisy environments, but it's very light. The low-mid spectrum (classical guitar) is not as detailed as I imagined, you can tweak the equalization and you get a very correct result, you almost completely lose the feeling of "tunnel". I haven't tried removing the low cut yet. it may not be worth DPA but for the price the quality is there, the hardware feels sturdy. In short, great!

  128. England, United Kingdom

    Easy to follow installation instructions on my double bass, I was up and running very quickly. I had been attracted to the Ischell from various youtube reviews and comparisons and I am pleased to say I am delighted with the sound straight out of the box.

  129. The best system to equip a guitar with minimum on-board equipment and unparalleled sound. All for a low price because I already had an external preamp Ischell 1X48 for another guitar and I play only one guitar at a time ...
    I mounted it myself, without difficulty after removing 15-20% of the putty provided, like on my other guitar. The sausage is therefore more 5 mm in diameter than 6 as recommended. A firm grip with your fingers on the guitar top and it's perfect on the first try. I tried other competing systems ex USA, some of which were factory fitted on prestigious guitars, there is no picture! What amazes me is the confidential distribution of this brilliant system!

  130. South Holland, Netherlands

    I have the microphone for a month now and I am quite pleased with it. The sound of my n'goni is very detailed and sharp. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural sounding representation of an acoustic instrument.

  131. Used in a Church in Angoulême for a semi-grand piano, in order to make a sound recording for a live broadcast on YouTube of worship gatherings. Not easy, because the assembly sings hymns in the hall, and we wanted to capture the sound of the hall and the sound of the piano separately. The contact microphone solution seemed ideal to us.

    I admit that we are quite amazed by the result, given the low cost and the very small size of the microphone. We fumbled a bit to position the microphone, but the staff at Ischell was very available by phone to guide us.
    In the end, the sound captured is impeccable, well balanced, and it keeps all its “acoustic” color.

    Thank you very much for your great material!

    Image # 1 from Jean-Francois Comba
    Image # 2 from Jean-Francois Comba
    Image # 3 from Jean-Francois Comba
  132. South Holland, Netherlands

    Good cable good sound

  133. This is a nicely made product that gives me the clarity and sound I've always wanted, but never quite acheived with the amplified double bass before. I prefer to mix it with a piezo pickup: the pickup brings the bottom and the Ischell the sound!

    It does require some experimentation with placement, height over top and settings on the hpf to give the best results. Once installed properly it stays put and has pretty much the same feedback resistance as a piezo.

    For a double bass mic, it is also fairly cheap.

  134. Very satisfied with this microphone used in addition to the contact microphone Ischell ! The two microphones are very complementary and give a very faithful rendering of the acoustics of my double bass.

  135. Very satisfied ! of the “operation” performed on my Alhambra guitar. The instrument did not move after placing the microphone inside J48C 9v battery option (the sound remains the same except amplification) and the rendering with the amplification is very natural, authentic!
    Excellent result! I can only recommend.
    Thanks again.

  136. Ideal accessory for on-board installation in a harp.

  137. Massachusetts, United States

    Great service, turn around time was unbelievable.

  138. I'm really pleased with the Ischell, I've been using it on several gigs with a quintet that includes two horns and a drummer. On the Dupont MDC-50e, the ischell has delivered a very good acoustic sound without feedback issues.

  139. Very good cable! I still use this cable bought at the same time as the micro contact Ischell 5 years ago !

  140. A fairly sharp installation on my double bass, but a very pure sound in the end

  141. Very satisfied with the quality of this microphone placed directly under the bridge. Works great on my 10 string guitar.
    Remarkable sound very close to the natural acoustic of the guitar appreciated by other musicians whether in an orchestra with the London Improvisers orchestra, in small ensembles and duets with saxophonists, clarinettists, pianists ... Very pleasant to turn up the power without fear of feedback . I recommend.

  142. I only use him!

    Image # 1 from bertrand GARCIN
  143. Customer from the start, I use exclusively theinside J48C which gives me complete satisfaction in the fidelity of the sound, no customer has come back to complain about the product on the contrary.

    Good continuation !

    Gerard GORY

  144. Only good things to say! Super quality product, super helpful service. So I'm a super happy customer, recommending this place to anyone searching for excellent mics for an acoustic instrument. Thanks!

    Image # 1 from Maarika
    Image # 2 from Maarika
  145. California, United States

    Such a true sound. It's 'my bass, but louder'. Couldn't be more pleased.

  146. New York, United States

    The Ischell is the best pickup I have ever had on my bass, by a long shot, and I've tried almost all of them! No more of that weird tinney piezo sound. It's the perfect compromise between a natural microphone sound, with pickup volume and presence. Fischer was a huge help too. My package was held up in US customs, and I sent him one email, and he somehow got them to magically release it a day or two later.

  147. The microphone is easy to install, especially with your advice. The musician is extremely satisfied with the sound. The only problem is with the adhesive that holds the battery (not the scratch). He is not of great power. The battery fell, I replaced it with a double sided one and since then everything is fine.

  148. California, United States

    To put it simply, this contact mic has been a game changer for me. I've rarely had to use my piezo pickup because the Ischell provides me with a microphonic sound with so little coloring that is usable in high volume settings. I've played alongside some loud drummers just using this mic and have had no problems keeping up volume and dynamic wise with them. It projects your standard pizz and arco sound beautifully. I also use a lot of extended techniques in my playing as I often perform in free improv and new music settings, and it is able to amplify those sounds like they should be. It's a revelation to hear the higher overtones, scrapes, rattles, subtones, etc coming out of my amp when using this mic. And it's just a true dream to finally hear what my bass sounds like coming out of an amp for once. This is now my main pickup and one I highly recommend to my friends and any other bassist looking for an accurate reproduction of your sound that will hang in higher volumes.

  149. I play cello and electronic music. I need a part of the timbre of the cello and that we find the acoustics of the instrument, but also an amplified sound that I can process with my software. I then have to broadcast this in an installation where the speakers are all around me, so feedback resistance. Well I'm happy, the sound is really good, no feedback problems and the microphone manufacturer is available for any questions and will help you as best he can! I really recommend trying these cells!

  150. Very good result in a circus

  151. correct sound quality (microphone placed outside the kora, near the bridge) in combination with an aerial audio technique. Experiments still in progress

  152. Excellent reproduction of my Ramirez Estudio 3 classical guitar - cedar. Clarity, power, nuances, without coloring or distortion. A perfect system for me, after having finalized the installation of the micro contact by gently pressing on it with a finger.
    Before that, the sensitivity was too high and the feedback almost permanent. Afterwards, the robustness is amazing. Even at 1 m from my Yamaha DXS 12 speaker, I can cover the other instruments without any return problem, the cut low in the flat position!
    In short, an exceptional system with a little rigor during installation.

  153. Malaysia

    I've been searching for a suitable harp mic for a few years now, but was never satisfied. Most mics either had difficulty picking up sufficient volume or the acoustic sound of the harp. I'm glad to say the 2X48AC hasn't disappointed! Played once for an event and got good feedback. Installation was also quite smooth with the help of the manual. Thank you!

  154. A moment of trial and error is necessary to find the right location for the sensor:
    for my YAMAHA Grand Concert GCX-31C guitar, on the table in front of the bridge on the treble side.
    We feel a very good dynamic, a great respect for timbre and a woody and deep sound.
    This sensor can advantageously replace
    the initial system namely B-BAND and micro gooseneck and allows the use of a LOOP without risk.

  155. It's solid!

  156. Easy installation in my harp thanks to a precise description. The sound is impeccable.

  157. Superb association with 2 × 48 + CCJ microphones a quality reverb, a quality sound for the acoustics

  158. An excellent microphone I have an Indian guitar and it was a headache for the amplification, I needed two microphones, with independent settings it's done, it's really good.

  159. I have this system fitted to a KOPO Sassandra nylon string guitar ( and it produces wonderful tones, capturing the high and low frequencies beautifully. The volume wheel works well and is very useful for solo work - that extra boost when needed - and perfectly hidden inside the guitar's sound hole.

    I did have a problem at first: the pre-amp socket developed a fault on the 48v power supply. Goal Fischer at Ischell very quickly supplied a complete new system and I am very pleased with the result. In fact I think the sound is better than before because I used a very skilled luthier to fit it this time; the position of the microphone is very important. great service Ischell - thank you !!

  160. Great guy great advice great stuff

  161. Editing made by Fischer himself on my Lowden guitar which I didn't want to touch on the violin…
    Result: today I am asked where my microphone comes from because the sound is indeed very natural (can sometimes lack a little treble, but it probably comes from the guitar) and so much hotter than a piezo :) Thank you !

  162. Thank you for the super efficient service. Very high quality product, the rendering is really exceptional on my gypsy guitar

  163. Great microphone for gypsy guitar. Easy to install for me. I took the 9 Volt battery option and I must say that the sound is very good. It is a real pleasure to listen to your instrument without it being distorted. In addition, depending on whether your guitar lacks bass or not you have a 3-position selector in the plug jack which allows you to add more if necessary. I will buy another one without hesitation. Very good value for money .

  164. Very good microphone. Nice sound, powerful and faithful. Very good advice for the installation. Impeccable delivery.
    Microphone installed on a kora, in the calabash, under the bridge, as advised. Bass, midrange and treble are present and very pretty.
    I hesitated for a long time, I admit it… I think I will take advantage of it for a long time.

  165. First of all the telephone advice which allowed me to choose exactly the microphone according to my rather specific needs for my Deering open back banjo, I wanted to keep the open back sound as much as possible. Then delivery in a perfectly secure package. And finally the installation, which can be done alone, but I chose to leave this task to the luthier Fred KOPO with whom we wisely chose the location according to the expected sound. I must say that the result is perfect. Total absence of feedback at high volume and reproduction of the original sound very faithful. Really a great product. I am won over!

  166. First concert 1 week after purchase, excellent! Installed on a cello to play metal among other things, no feedback problem and I really like the rendering.
    Merci ^^

  167. I play the mandola in a traditional Breton group, next to an accordionist and a talabardeur (bombarde player), as much to say that there is volume. I therefore needed an amplification system which reproduces the acoustic sound of my instrument as faithfully as possible, without transplanting the surrounding sound. The J48C is perfect for this. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound reproduced, the brilliance and depth of the natural sound of the mandola. A big thank you to the head of the company Ischell for the time spent finding the best place to place the microphone, discreetly under the soundboard.

  168. I had tried to add sound to my Dobro (or resonator guitar) by attaching a small microphone (brand xxx) powered by phantom to the gills. The sound was correct but impossible to push the sound volume: wherever I stood, it was feedback and company. See you at Ischell, we left to install the J48C externally under the strings on the biscuit next to the bridge, but my strings are too close to the body, so no room to place the microphone. So we dismantled the resonator and placed the microphone of a inside J48C under the cookie, then pop out the jack by drilling a hole on the edge. First rehearsal, it sounds hellish: the sound is faithful to the resonator, not the slightest feedback or parasitic resonance! The icing on the cake: the microphone respects the dynamics of the game. Indeed, I do not need to increase the volume on the amp or the sound system when I switch to chorus: I just have to attack the strings harder, then to play more slowly in rhythm and that does it.
    It rolls, therefore. I could possibly try to use my dobro to make metal ?!
    We look forward to seeing you! Ischell.
    Laurent de Saint-Nazaire (Okie, Doctor Robert)

  169. I bought an X-Jack system for my double bass about 6 months ago. It's a very organic sounding mic! For loud situations I have to rely on my piezo pickup mostly (but I often send both signals to sound engineer, 'cause the mic gives 'air' to the sound, and he blends them) but for medium volume gigs I love to use the Ischell. I even compared it to one famous branded hi-end mic in a studio. We were all surprised: they sounded pretty much identical, the difference in sound was really slight! So I highly recommend the Ischell mike!
    Ps The instructions provided helped a lot! Sometimes, with different basses it might take 30-40 minutes to find the best place for intallation. Moving the mic slightly (3-5 mm) to one or the other side may produce great effect on the sound! It's like an equalizer.

  170. My name is Giovanni Weiss. I would like to briefly tell you my meeting with Ischell.
    I'm playing 32 years of Django Reinhardt guitars / selmer guitars and have always the same problem, the acoustic decrease of the guitar. I tried various microphones and pickup systems, and they all failed after the first concert. I have a project with the NDR Bigband and unfortunately I have mostly because I do not use my Django guitar because I simply can not get through as soon as the sound is about right, humming and whistling everything so loud that you have to make it quieter again. A few days ago I got the Ischell system. When I unpacked, I thought of myself a new one I made it and first the acoustic of the guitar checked, if something changes, but everything well. Then I connected it to my amp, made a few settings and saw there finally there was pressure and still an acoustic sound. After a few more settings and recordings, I was thrilled and noticed that now the problems of picking up these guitars are finally solved, and in a perfect way without damaging the guitar or changing anything. I'm really looking forward to playing my Django guitar on every concert !! THANK YOU ISCHELL !!! I will also try the system with the Air Mic and the Contact Mic and tell you. Giovanni weiss

  171. I sounded an ArchTop nylon jazz guitar with a inside J48C.
    High quality results, quite comparable to the sound systems very popular today in classical guitar ...
    Great respect for sound.
    Quality, service and advice: thank you ISCHELL

  172. Without doubt the best sound system for a precise and warm blade sound;) It works very well on balafons, marimbas, and exceptional on vibraphones because it manages to capture the effect of natural vibrato !!

    Image # 1 from Josselin Q.
  173. I just got the X-Jack and installed it in my Celtic Harp. Installation was easy, I found the right spot in the harp rightaway (in the middle between the strings and the side of the harp works best with my gut strung Salvi Egan). Plugged it in my amp (Acus Cremona) - and WOW, what a sound !!! Warm, strong, and precisely defined. Ideal to playing harp via a Looper!
    Thanks for this great product and your excellent customer service !!!

  174. I amplify my double bass ¾ with a microphone ISCHELL X-Jack. The result is beyond all expectations (in association with a Schertler jam 200 amp). The acoustic sound is really there, no distortion, warmth of the sound of my counter and precision are there.
    The pose is delicate and took a lot of time, you have to be precise and patient, but the help ofIschell was fast and efficient, it is definitely worth taking the time to install, because after that it is only happiness, the result is breathtaking. I thank in passing Ischell for the kindness and great professionalism towards me.

  175. On my ACUS one Fourstring 5 amp, the original sound of my vintage Martin OM 28 guitar is fully restored thanks to the system Ischell Inside J48C9. I highly recommend this product, the price-quality ratio of which seems amply justified to me.
    In addition, the reception and advice help to make a good choice.

  176. I just wanted to tell you that I had the opportunity to train my Acus One 8 with my Celtic harp at an event this weekend, and I am really delighted! The device is easy to use, the sound quality is excellent and the amplification level was perfect for the circumstances (very noisy environment outside). Many thanks for advising me so well.

  177. I can confirm that I am absolutely delighted with my ACUS One 8 amp and my microphones on my classical harp, offering a richness of sound and a real playing pleasure that I was not expecting! I also appreciated the great clarity of the instructions supplied with the microphones, which allowed me to perform all the positioning without any difficulty. Once again, I thank you for having advised me so well, and in particular for having directed me to a higher level of amplification than the model I had initially spotted (and which would clearly not have been sufficient in the conditions in which I played).
    Thank you again for your professionalism and your kindness!

  178. Great microphone for my gypsy guitar, very resistant against feedback even at high stage volume levels!

  179. cells ischell received, installed on my gypsy guitar. Already done 3 concerts with and frankly c great !!!! Your cell is doing its job super well. This is without a doubt the best I got in the cell in terms of rendering… I'm really very happy !!!

  180. I was told to buy this system or get stuck in front of a microphone stand. There isn't much to say, it's too perfect. With the equalizer flat, my Spanish guitar sounds exactly the same but louder. The wiring in the guitar is well hidden. There is no tweaking anything, everything has been done at the installation. I haven't used it live yet, but in my home studio or in rehearsal, there are no feedback problems. I can get close enough to the speakers at a decent volume without hanging up. Now I have to correct my technique, because we can hear all the details. It's a big step forward in my life as a live musician. I recommend the systems Ischell without hesitation. Before the end of 2017 I will have a video that will allow you to hear for yourself. - Ian Woodward, La Barque Rouge (songs from the five oceans)

  181. Excellent product… Used alternately on a Celtic Camac harp and a classic Salvi…

  182. Very good contact microphone for a large mouth gypsy guitar, avoids a maximum of feedback, faithfully reproduces the acoustic sound of my guitar, low and high, very satisfied with the sound and the versatility.
    Fixed dough hanging system a little tricky to manage, it sticks and we are afraid of damaging the capsule and the seal is hard to find, it's a bit sporty to find the right position but once found, beautiful sound quality.
    Reliable sticky pads, I left them stuck on the table for a long time and still managed to remove them without damaging my guitar.
    I use a Roland box amp and I have a great acoustic sound
    thank you for the quality of your material
    To improve: the fixed paste system and the fastening scratch for the jack, he tends to be deskratcher !! (jack heavy)
    otherwise it's perfect.

  183. I bought this microphone for an Oud, and this is the best piezo microphone, I confirm by contribution to the comments above, we have a lot of acoustics of the instrument but there 'has piezo anyway, it does not replace an aerial microphone, but good for feedback it's over, I even tried it on a large sound system for more than 3000 people with low drums ... and there we can hear more his piezo as the acoustics but hey no Mr Larsene, more of him on stage and that feels good.

    Then lately I had a concert where I play the violin, I test it for the first time on it, and there I am amazed, really, I did not expect to have such a good sound, I recommend it to everyone violinists, who seek a purely acoustic sound with zero feedback, no hesitation, this is what is best for the microphone that sticks to the instrument (Piezo).

    Good continuation to the team Ischell

    I greet on the way the gentleman that I had such and who took the time to explain everything to me in detail before the purchase.
    The microphone was recommended to me by a sound engineer who heard this on a harpist.

    Response, Ischell :
    Thank you for your comment! We wanted to clarify that this is not a piezo but a condenser contact microphone of the type Ischell AirBag-C. Also, finding the best placement and placing it on an oud is not always easy. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it, it is possible that it will help you to improve the positioning. Best regards from the team.

  184. Finally a system that meets all my requirements: sound quality of the aerial microphone, presence on stage thanks to the pad, simplification of the scales, no need to drill the guitar, no need for a microphone stand (very practical for small stage spaces )… What advantages!
    High quality of human and technical reception as well.
    Big thanks!

  185. Hello
    I use the ACUS one 8 amplifier for 2 months and frankly with the system ischell j48c it's pure happiness !!!!
    Restitution, roundness, a real small portable sound system for the amplification of the song and of my instruments the ngoni, the guembri and now the kora , multiple entries, effects, from bass to treble you will be more than charmed!

  186. Hello everyone
    It is really time that I left you my thoughts on the system Ischell j48C .I have been using it for 5 years on various traditional instruments such as the n'goni, the guembri and today the KORA Frankly it's the tip top, the sound each TIME is bluffing !!
    This cell is especially not there to color but to reproduce the sound faithful to the own acoustics of the instrument, from the studio to live through any amplifiers or PA.
    Today to further optimize this system I invested in an ACUS amp, wouaw, pure happiness!
    So friends do not hesitate, these products are essential if you are in love with sound and moreover with the amplification of traditional instruments, THANK YOU again ISCHELL……

  187. Excellent value ! excellent service, installation, live testing etc. The sound is really very close to reality (installed on a 1909 cello), and the relationship with the other instruments on stage is perfect!
    Thank you ! I recommend it 100%

  188. A good amp, powerful, light, aesthetic but not as faithful as I expected in terms of the exact reproduction of the tone of my classical guitar. But it's good material that brings me satisfaction.

  189. Excellent microphone, sensitive, discreet and effective on my Flamenco guitar.

  190. Installed under the bridge of my Kora 32 strings, the sound is very clean. Used to the sound of the piezo ... that's ithange life! However a mixture of the two is also nice, it all depends on what you want to achieve. This is my first “real” mic for performing live and I recommend it if you like pure sound.
    When my means allow it, I will buy another one but I would very much like that there is a model with XLR to be recessed because I make my instruments, therefore notice to the manufacturer;)

    thank you for your work

  191. Great natural sound from the guitar. I like the ability to blend the two different pickups, and it does well in small venues. Like any microphone system, there is a volume limit / feedback issue that arises, and I can rarely have my volume level for soloing high enough without having to turn down manually when playing rhythm. I find this to be the best at picking up the real sound of my instrument and it's hard to find a better system out there, even with the natural drawbacks of using a mic.

  192. Hello, I am very satisfied with the 2 aerial microphones 2 × 48 + AAPJ, I use them in rehearsal on a flamenco guitar connected to a Schertler Jam 100 amplifier, it sounds very good, the sound is warm and the power at the appointment, attention from do not get too close to the amp otherwise risk of feedback. Otherwise I use them for recording on an H5 zoom by putting each microphone on a track and thus have a stereo recording. The sound recording is good and suitable for a mockup or pre-production style recording. Here. Goodbye. Boris

  193. Tried on a rare instrument, the zena, invented by the Breton luthier Gweltas Simon: a kora pentatonic with, between the 2 rows of playing strings, 6 sympathetic bronze strings… Placed inside the body, glued directly to the skin, under the bridge, the X-Jack offers me to date the most effective alternative and closest to acoustic sound, including much of that beautiful resonance inherent in sympathetic strings.
    The advantage, on stage, is that I can both send the sound of the instrument to the control room, via XLR, and to an amp that I use as a feedback and on which I can adjust what I want, via jack. Exactly what I was looking for !
    Essential: the sausage must be well rolled and not allow air to pass at all. Otherwise, it's all the sound that change and it has nothing to do with it.
    A microphone that I recommend without hesitation to any fan of kora and kamale n'goni.

  194. I received the x-jack, I just finished soundcheck at a noisy bar and it sounds great! It's a great product, definately worth the money!
    So thank you for creating this wonderful product for double bass, I've never heard my self better !!!

  195. On a violin, the sound is very satisfactory, both for amplified music (rock) and for acoustic music. The rendering is very faithful to the instrument regardless of the output volume.
    This system is easy to use (once the time has been taken to set it up correctly) and relatively unobtrusive (maybe we should invent the black putty-a-fixes?)
    Response, Ischell : Thank you for your comment, if you leave your microphone kit permanently installed on your instrument, you can color the putty with a felt pen… (Remember to protect the instrument with a small paper cover)

  196. I am now very satisfied with this microphone, the bow timbre is excellent and the piz attack respects the initial sound. I had to cut at 360 Hertz because the subs were running at high volume and I therefore compensated with magnetic Reflex microphones at the end of the button that I mix with theischell via a preamp, now, I have the attack, the tone (finished the sound corner corner with the bow) the sub in piz (thanks to the magnets, not restored to the bow) and the big volume (TC electronic BH 500 + 2 Técamp 12 inches of 300 Watt) I however have a question: do you recommend a type of preamp behind theischell ? with two entrances?

    Response, Ischell : No particular recommendation, however, two high-quality models have often been named, the Vintage Revolution Acoustic Box Live (for the quality and grain it gives to the sound) and also the Felix by Grace Design (high quality Swiss Army knife)

  197. Always so interesting, close to the acoustics of the instrument, easy to install when you are used to it.
    Well done Fisher!

  198. Good product to replace the original

  199. Guitars, violins, mandolin, double bass….
    Delighted with each new assembly! The guy works well !!!

  200. Testing on an oud gives a very good result. You have to take the time to find the best location. I tried it live with a microphone to open up the sound a little more and the result was very good.

  201. Perfect for the harp !!!!
    On acus8 amp, jack like in xlr, the only trick is to check that the sausage does not let air pass. If this is the case zero feedback and very good sound: beautiful treble, serious mat, defined and present.
    Nickel also on 48-track concert hall mixer in XLR… in short, the reliable and easy solution !!!
    PS: also tried on cello: very easy and very well defined !!!!
    In short: for us who are just starting to amplify, in a small combo or on a medium stage (Italian theater type 800/1000 people), well it's nickel: clean, beautiful and easy!

  202. Very good material, complete in terms of functions (multiple instrument inputs, effects…) and in terms of sound (spectrum, nuances) for a violin.
    Excellent service also at Mr Fischer, sales consultant, test, great availability and very good knowledge of equipment and sound and amplification solutions in general!

  203. Installation today on a Weissenborn! difficult to make simple as the sound quality, the active power of the microphone, the perfect reproduction of the instrument is respected, a sound of unparalleled purity ... Right settings on a 100 W ACUS amplifier, and there! Boom the ball! advice to the undecided .. Going for it is a bomb.

  204. I ordered this mic for my 12/7 zither / psaltery. It suits me perfectly - it gives a good rendering of the zither sound: a large audience can thus benefit from it.
    Thank you very much to ISCHELL for availability, responsiveness and very professional advice: when you are interested for the first time in the sound system of a musical instrument, these are particularly important points.
    Thank you!

  205. I tried the microphone J48A on my flamenco guitar and I am very very happy with it: compared to the DPA 4099G, equivalent sound quality, each microphone has its qualities but big advantages: in addition to the price 2 times cheaper, we have between + 30% and 40% of more power, as well as a much greater solidity and convenience of use, no risk of damaging a very thin cable or the clamp as in the other system, nothing to install, you just have to plug in! Also, I tried the mic J48A in my Marschall AS50D amp and the sound is really great!

  206. The X-jack allows the Phantom powered XLR jack to be side by side with a powered 1 / 4in jack. Maximum versatility, plug and play, plus the jack is well designed and works really well. The 9v is not as hot a sound as the XLR jack (9v vs. 48v) but it is great to have if you may be using amps without phantom power. I am really glad I ordered this version. Tea X-jack on my bass is the best pickup I have used. I highly recommend it.

  207. I have used this mic on several gigs now and it is a truly fantastic unit! The sound is excellent and no feedback! I'm using a Zoom A3 box in between the mic and the PA so I can use the EQ and boost function. Actually I just roll off some treble and that's about it. It doesn't need much at all. Excellent product !!
    ISCHELL note: Doug Martin was a member of Lulo Reinhardt's Latin Swing Quartet and John Jorgenson Quintet

  208. I have a 6-string banjo that I am very happy to use this contact microphone with, thank you for this miracle solution!

  209. It's great, natural, hyper dynamic with a lot of sensations close to the natural. For the oud, I think it is the most faithful solution that exists!

  210. Yes high Fischer, thanks for spending time on my kora, the rendering is magnificent both live and in the studio!
    Nothing to say Big up Man !!
    Good luck and thank you again for everything !!

  211. The Ischell Inside Box + CPJ is a really fantastic system for gypsy jazz guitar amplification.
    I'm really blown away by the natural sound that the microphone produces through my Fishman amplifier. There is no feedback problems now that I have applied the putty correctly, I'm looking forward to playing loads of gigs with my trio!

  212. After having tested several recording microphones with my bass viola da gamba, it turns out that the contact microphone X48 + CVX gives excellent results!
    I specify that I am very demanding when the result that I wanted to obtain from my recordings because it is for professional use.


  213. I've had it for 2 months on my double bass and I'm completely satisfied with it. Indeed, you have to take the time to position it, but after that it's only happiness. I use it on the phil jones suitcase and it is serious…. Also, during beef, I used it on other amps, no problem.
    Small flat: it is the color of the fixed WHITE paste. Indeed, it is efficient. BUT it will be BLACK in color, it would be more harmonious.

  214. For our large chord zithers (12 × 8) made in Italy, with a velvety and intimate sound, we were looking for THE Solution to amplify the sound without distorting it because playing in spacious places had become a challenge, or a hassle, depending on ... an impossibility!
    Our Company ISCHELL had to face a “first” with this type of zither, a new instrument on his record. Curious and attentive to the smallest detail, the customer service received us by appointment, after a period of maturation and questioning by emails ...: four hours spent on site to do the tests, find the right place for the microphone, finally, to restore "the beautiful sound" ...
    A significant advantage: a pose by "putty miracle", without dirtying or damaging the spruce of the table.
    The result is faithful to the timbre of the instrument, the zither can finally be "present" to the ears of listeners while being close to the acoustic sound.
    This is the right choice for us! Thanks to the company ISCHELL. for his attentiveness, his skill and for having developed this system which will meet the expectations of zither players looking for a sound system perfectly suited to this instrument.

  215. I play Tres Cubano (small Cuban guitar) Paris-cuba-connection. I am very concerned about the sound reproduction of my instrument, looking for the most authentic system, I have tried several systems, but the J48C that I installed the builder in person is breathtaking: intense sound, identical reproduction, that is to say, purely acoustic feeling and sensations and above all: NO LARSENS. HAPPINESS Thank you BIG UP!

  216. The aerial microphone in addition to the contact microphone Ischell on my double bass, the result is terrible!
    1 - In recording
    2 - Coupling on stage possible but static only on the front
    3 - The static alone for its acoustics Arco… Trio… Without drummer… ..Génial !!
    Thank you

  217. I rehearsed today with the microphone Ischell that I have just acquired, I was surprised and delighted to see the fidelity and the power without feedback and without compression of the microphone X48C. 3 low cut settings are installed in the XLR socket. I chose the 360Hz cut-off. I did some tests and I compared the sound by mutating the channel. The result is surprising, the acoustic sound of my double bass is almost 95 percent the same with and without the microphone. So I can play hard enough without distorting its true sound. The fact that it is a static must have a lot to do with it, a piezo only transmits mechanical vibrations, with this real microphone, we can hear all the ancillary sounds or even parasites of the instrument: glissendi, curly, string clicks, without it getting in the way, quite the contrary.
    The second point of satisfaction is the fact that no other instrument in the orchestra re-enters this microphone, thanks to its sound insulation.
    The third positive point is that this material is manufactured in France by a competent man with whom we can talk about his sound and musical research.
    This is the first time that I am really satisfied with the amplification of my double bass. thank you so much

  218. I first bought this pickup for the harp, it's just terrible really. I bought another one for the Cello, it also works great. And finally I bought another one for the violin. In all sincerity, here are finally microphones that allow you to take sound in concert with groups that play hard or very loud. No repisse, a very important level of return without feedback. And a very nice grain, it's not at all a cell sound, closed, unusable, it's aerial microphone and it sounds like such. Well done and thank you !!!
    Johnny Sound engineer.

  219. To amplify my kora this is the best of the best: easy to install, no wires lying around on the kora everything is inside, a sound faithful to the acoustics of the instrument. In short, an investment that I do not regret and that I recommend to any player of kora.

  220. Excellent product and very good responsiveness of the team after a small technical problem. Lots of seriousness !!

  221. I've had this mic in my harp for a while now. I can say that the sound is really nice, very acoustic from bass to treble and with few settings, it's a pleasure to hear on stage without risking feedback at any time. the sound engineer of the group is delighted and so am I. Thank you !

  222. Hello! I recently bought an ischell inside box mic pickup for my gypsy guitar. I love it! Thank you so much. You did a great job
    We played a huge show last night and the sound was amazing. Just plugs right into a fishman amp with no effects. Couldn't ask for anything better!

  223. I am Brazilian and I have two of their products and I am very happy with these products.
    I have tested all kinds of mics that exist on the market, and I think the X48 + CPJ is the best option for a viola.

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