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  • X48C

    4.87 on 5

    C2 or C3 contact microphone, removable installation, 65 cm microphone cable, operates on phantom power, high levels on stage...

    259,00 - 319,00
  • X48JC

    5.00 on 5

    System with remote electronics, fixed or removable installation of the C2 or C3 contact microphone, phantom power with 9v battery option allowing output Jack, native XLR output,…

    299,00 - 379,00
  • X48XC

    5.00 on 5

    System suitable for small or light instruments such as the violin, viola, oud, ukulele… C2 or C3 contact microphone, mini XLR connectors, operation on phantom power, output on…

    349,00 - 409,00
  • X-Jack

    4.94 on 5

    Contact microphone C1 or C2, removable installation, output on Jack and simultaneous XLR possible, works with phantom power or 9v battery automatically, high levels on stage ...

    299,00 - 329,00
  • inside X48C

    0 on 5

    Original C1, C2 and C3 Contact Mic, Fixed Installation, Balanced XLR Output, 24mm Drilling Required, 45 to 75cm Mic Cable, Operates on 9v…

    224,00 - 289,00
  • X48+APJ

    0 on 5

    Overhead microphone, removable installation of the microphone kit, 3,5M XLR output connection cable, works with phantom power, suitable for acoustic stages, etc.

  • X48A

    5.00 on 5

    Aerial microphone A1 or A3, removable installation, microphone cable approximately 45cm depending on the instrument, XLR output, works on phantom power, acoustic stages...

    249,00 - 289,00
  • X48J

    0 on 5

    Modules X48J sold alone, operation on phantom power from 9 to 48 volts, microphone input in Jack, to complement or replace another system Ischell...

    159,00 - 230,00