We recommend the ACUS range of amplifiers below which are particularly suitable for systems ISCHELL for most stringed acoustic instruments ...
Choose the power best suited to your stage conditions!
These amps are made in Italy by ACUS SOUND ENGINEERING. 2 years warranty

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  • ACUS One For Street Wood 80w

    0 on 5

    This 80W amp is perfect for on-the-go use thanks to its autonomous battery operation and 7 hours of autonomy. Will fit most stringed instruments ...

    699,00 - 768,00
  • ACUS One 5T Wood

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    Amp ACUS One 5T Wood 50 Watts bi-amplified. Three inputs: XLR and / or Jack, Jack and AUX, 3-band EQ, Reverb… Lightness and minimal bulk…

    655,00 - 719,00
  • ACUS One 6T Wood /Black

    5.00 on 5

    Amp ACUS One 6T Wood or Black 130 Watts bi-amplified. Three separate inputs (2 XLR /Jack and 1 Jack) with 3-band equalizer, effect… Perfect for rehearsals, acoustic scenes ..

    839,00 - 908,00
  • ACUS One 8 Stage Wood

    4.80 on 5

    Amp ACUS One 8 Wood 200 Watts bi-amplified. Three inputs, (two XLR /Jack and a LINE) with Peak Led, Gain, 3-band EQ, effects… A pro amp, for all scenes…

    1025,00 - 1104,00