I tried the system ISCHELL with an aerial microphone on my flamenco guitar. So I bought three!

More specifically, an aerial for Flamenca, a sensor for the Oud and also a sensor for the Viola Caïpira which is a Brazilian guitar with 10 metal strings.

What is striking about this system is its transparency. The test is simple: we set the volume to zero and then gradually increase. The volume change, not the sound. It is that of the instrument simply amplified.

I was looking for the Grail for a long time, I finally found it! ”

Lulu zerrad

Oud equipped with an Acoustic MK ONE + CPJ (1X48+CPJ)

The contact microphone is placed inside under the bridge

Title: Bab el Montreuil by Lulu Zerrad

The sound recording is standardized. No other treatment.

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