” I tried out the Ischell aerial microphone with my flamenco guitar. Finally, I bought three of them !

I chose an aerial mic for the flamenco guitar, a contact microphone for the Oud and one also for the Viola Caipira (hilbilly guitar), which is a brazilian guitar with 10 metal strings.
The transparency of the system is what foremost strikes me. Testing this is easy: you start with volume at 0 and then you amplify progressively. The volume changes, of course, but the sound remains exactly the same. So, in the end, you get your true sound simply amplified, which is great !
I was looking for the ideal solution, and in my quest for the Holy Grail of perfect sound, I find it, at last ! “

Lulu Zerrad

Oud with the X48 + CVX

The microphone is inside under the bridge.

Title : Bab el Montreuil / Lulu Zerrad

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