Frédéric Chiffoleau use the X-JACK

“The contact microphone AirBag-C respect the sound of my bass, and therefore respecting my game.
Dynamics, frequency range, everything is there. The small friction of the bow string to the fierce hammering of the strings, the nuances and timbres are respected.
The bass are large, woody mids, treble perfectly chiseled, … and air!
I play without correction on my amp! If I have to play at high level and there is an early hook, a simple tap of equalizer and it’s done. The electronics of the preamp is high quality and extremely discreet.
In this recording is simply awesome: I can make the sound recordings in the same room as the battery, without repisse!
I have not abandoned my piezo pickup, because it gives one a different color to my bass, as another instrument. But this is definitely the microphone-C AirBag which restores the natural sound, which I had never heard with any microphone, and I’ve tried a few.
It was still long, long time I expected that.”
Frédéric Chiffoleau

Member of the famous “Jus de Bocse” Mederic Collignon, also with singer Katherine and the Group Francis et ses peintres, Alban Drache trio, Bruno Reigner and also collaborates with many other artists like Julian Lourau, Tamisier Geoffroy, Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Claude Barthelemy, Marc Ducret, Anna Karina etc. …

Below some videos with Médéric Collignon

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