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  1. This is the first contact mic I have found that reproduces Gadulka's sound faithfully and with serious volume. Jack output means I can use effects pedals and since it's not a condenser there is no chance of feedback. Super convenient and quality construction, well done!

    Image #1 from Isabel
  2. Very practical tool on set or on stage with very good value for money. I use it regularly to support pianos during live studio recordings or for amplification. The sound is very pleasant and precise. The only downside is the breath which is still very present. But it does not interfere in strong parts and in the studio, Izotope RX allows you to get rid of it. So I'm very satisfied and I always have 2 with me for emergencies when I'm on the go.

  3. Ma kora sounds perfect.

  4. Very nice sound

  5. Excellent!

  6. Used in addition to a piezo on my guitar, no feedback, I'm satisfied...

  7. Easy to use, but I needed a few different positions before I got the sound I wanted. This on upright piano. I also think it is a bit too must “leak” from other instruments on stage, but overall satisfied.

  8. I ordered this turntable jack for my new guitar, because I install the microphone outdoors, when I play in public. I am still very satisfied.

  9. Very efficient and easy to use on my banjo. However, a fairly precise equalization is necessary for the instrument to be fully expressed.

  10. A fairly sharp installation on my double bass, but a very pure sound in the end

  11. correct sound quality (microphone placed outside the kora, near the bridge) in combination with an aerial audio technique. Experiments still in progress

  12. Very good contact microphone for a large mouth gypsy guitar, avoids a maximum of feedback, faithfully reproduces the acoustic sound of my guitar, low and high, very satisfied with the sound and the versatility.
    Fixed dough hanging system a little tricky to manage, it sticks and we are afraid of damaging the capsule and the seal is hard to find, it's a bit sporty to find the right position but once found, beautiful sound quality.
    Reliable sticky pads, I left them stuck on the table for a long time and still managed to remove them without damaging my guitar.
    I use a Roland box amp and I have a great acoustic sound
    thank you for the quality of your material
    To improve: the fixed paste system and the fastening scratch for the jack, he tends to be deskratcher !! (jack heavy)
    otherwise it's perfect.

  13. A good amp, powerful, light, aesthetic but not as faithful as I expected in terms of the exact reproduction of the tone of my classical guitar. But it's good material that brings me satisfaction.

  14. Great natural sound from the guitar. I like the ability to blend the two different pickups, and it does well in small venues. Like any microphone system, there is a volume limit / feedback issue that arises, and I can rarely have my volume level for soloing high enough without having to turn down manually when playing rhythm. I find this to be the best at picking up the real sound of my instrument and it's hard to find a better system out there, even with the natural drawbacks of using a mic.

  15. Hello, I am very satisfied with the 2 aerial microphones 2 × 48 + AAPJ, I use them in rehearsal on a flamenco guitar connected to a Schertler Jam 100 amplifier, it sounds very good, the sound is warm and the power at the appointment, attention from do not get too close to the amp otherwise risk of feedback. Otherwise I use them for recording on an H5 zoom by putting each microphone on a track and thus have a stereo recording. The sound recording is good and suitable for a mockup or pre-production style recording. Here. Goodbye. Boris

  16. I am now very satisfied with this microphone, the bow timbre is excellent and the piz attack respects the initial sound. I had to cut at 360 Hertz because the subs were running at high volume and I therefore compensated with magnetic Reflex microphones at the end of the button that I mix with theischell via a preamp, now, I have the attack, the tone (finished the sound corner corner with the bow) the sub in piz (thanks to the magnets, not restored to the bow) and the big volume (TC electronic BH 500 + 2 Técamp 12 inches of 300 Watt) I however have a question: do you recommend a type of preamp behind theischell ? with two entrances?

    Response, Ischell : No particular recommendation, however, two high-quality models have often been named, the Vintage Revolution Acoustic Box Live (for the quality and grain it gives to the sound) and also the Felix by Grace Design (high quality Swiss Army knife)

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