269,00 - 378,00

Contact microphone C1, C2 or C3, removable installation, Unbalanced Jack out, 9 volt battery operation, high levels on stage…



Detachable contact microphone for various instruments, guitars, harp, oud, world music instruments ...

Option of a removable volume wheel to be placed on the edge of a rosette or of a volume knob for a harp for example, to be attached to the edge of a hearing.


  • Contact microphone C1, C2 or C3 Technical specifications of the microphones
  • Internal low cut jack 3 positions: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
  • unbalanced Jack out (Symmetrical use possible*)
  • Volume wheel option, Velcro fastening (Ex: Guitar)
  • Removable volume button option with support to be fixed with Velcro (Ex: Harp) or fixed with drilling (Ex: Kora)
  • 9 volt battery operation
  • Usage time approximately 500 hours with an alkaline battery.
  • Fixing the jack by double-sided, adhesive putty, Velcro ...
  • audio adhesive putty and supplied accessories
  • Storage bag

* Symmetrical use is possible using a connecting cable Jack stereo / XLR. This mode requires your attention when using it, see the instructions.

12 reviews for J48C

  1. 5 on 5

    Marco Hilgeman -


    I ordered the J48c to mount it on my kamale ngoni for live settings and I'm really pleased with this pickup …it sounds beautiful! It delivers a very clear and direct sound.
    I got a tip from other ngoni players to mount it on the back of the bridge instead of mounting it inside the instrument, to avoid feedback issues when playing on stage, especially with bass players whose low notes can trigger feedback. To make this happen, I had to alter a few of the string stoppers on the bridge to create space for the pickup so I used guitar string ball ends (see picture) and this works well. The position of the pickup is just fine and covers both bass and high notes.

    I can't wait to play with this in a live setting with other musicians…must be great fun!

    big thanks Ischell for this fine pickup and also for all your email support!

    Image #1 from Marco Hilgeman
  2. 5 on 5

    Clement Pouillaude -


    Perfect, thank you very much for the installation tips! The sound is perfect, test during his first concert! Thanks ! (gypsy guitar)

  3. 5 on 5

    Fabian P. -

    frIsle of-France, France

    Great mic, used on tenor banjo. Possibility of raising the volume well without any feedback. With a good placement on the banjo, the microphone is perfect!

  4. 5 on 5

    Roberto AUSEL -

    frPays de la Loire, France

    With the microphone Ischell J48C3 I find the natural sound of my classical guitar while keeping the subtleties of colors and timbres specific to my instrument

  5. 5 on 5

    Franck -


    The microphone is installed on a Waterloo WL14 guitar, really great, its faithful. You have to take the time to find the right location, a little EQ and it works.

  6. 5 on 5

    jean claude miroglio -

    frAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

    Easy to install, good level, and above all transmits the sound of the guitar with fidelity.

  7. 5 on 5

    Sophie S. -


    An authentic restitution that looks like me. An after-sales service that meets my expectations. I use the pickups Ischell For years. First on a classical nylon string guitar, then on a folk. I love homemade instruments and products Ischell reproduce all their particularities with warmth and precision. No feedback problem. http://www.sophiesciboz.com

    Image # 1 from Sophie S.
    Image # 2 from Sophie S.
  8. 5 on 5

    Pascal ROUY -

    nlNorth Holland, Netherlands

    A moment of trial and error is necessary to find the right location for the sensor:
    for my YAMAHA Grand Concert GCX-31C guitar, on the table in front of the bridge on the treble side.
    We feel a very good dynamic, a great respect for timbre and a woody and deep sound.
    This sensor can advantageously replace
    the initial system namely B-BAND and micro gooseneck and allows the use of a LOOP without risk.

  9. 5 on 5

    bouquet -

    Great microphone for gypsy guitar. Easy to install for me. I took the 9 Volt battery option and I must say that the sound is very good. It is a real pleasure to listen to your instrument without it being distorted. In addition, depending on whether your guitar lacks bass or not you have a 3-position selector in the plug jack which allows you to add more if necessary. I will buy another one without hesitation. Very good value for money .

  10. 5 on 5

    Lacourt -

    I play the mandola in a traditional Breton group, next to an accordionist and a talabardeur (bombarde player), as much to say that there is volume. I therefore needed an amplification system which reproduces the acoustic sound of my instrument as faithfully as possible, without transplanting the surrounding sound. The J48C is perfect for this. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound reproduced, the brilliance and depth of the natural sound of the mandola. A big thank you to the head of the company Ischell for the time spent finding the best place to place the microphone, discreetly under the soundboard.

  11. 5 on 5

    Janine and Claire -

    For our large chord zithers (12 × 8) made in Italy, with a velvety and intimate sound, we were looking for THE Solution to amplify the sound without distorting it because playing in spacious places had become a challenge, or a hassle, depending on ... an impossibility!
    Our Company ISCHELL had to face a “first” with this type of zither, a new instrument on his record. Curious and attentive to the smallest detail, the customer service received us by appointment, after a period of maturation and questioning by emails ...: four hours spent on site to do the tests, find the right place for the microphone, finally, to restore "the beautiful sound" ...
    A significant advantage: a pose by "putty miracle", without dirtying or damaging the spruce of the table.
    The result is faithful to the timbre of the instrument, the zither can finally be "present" to the ears of listeners while being close to the acoustic sound.
    This is the right choice for us! Thanks to the company ISCHELL. for his attentiveness, his skill and for having developed this system which will meet the expectations of zither players looking for a sound system perfectly suited to this instrument.

  12. 5 on 5

    Daniel Overly -

    I play Tres Cubano (small Cuban guitar) Paris-cuba-connection. I am very concerned about the sound reproduction of my instrument, looking for the most authentic system, I have tried several systems, but the J48C that I installed the builder in person is breathtaking: intense sound, identical reproduction, that is to say, purely acoustic feeling and sensations and above all: NO LARSENS. HAPPINESS Thank you BIG UP!

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