inside BOX + CVX

inside BOX + CVX


Contact microphone, system for light instruments, mini XLR on the instrument side, thin 1,2 meter connecting cable, works with 2 button batteries, high levels on stage ...

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inside BOX + CVX

For small or light instruments, mini XLR connectors, 1,2 meter connecting cable, for violin, viola, oud, nyckelharpa, mandolin etc… High levels on stage.

The model inside BOX can be worn on the belt and is autonomous with its battery power supply, so it can be used in HF.


  • The BOX works with 2 CR2032 button batteries (included)
  • CVX contact microphone kit with double-sided mounting plate, adhesive paste, Velcro depending on the instrument.
  • Mini XLR connector on the microphone kit side
  • BOX / Micro connection cable 1,2 meters and 2,2 millimeters in diameter
  • Operating autonomy connected approximately 300 hours.
  • Low cut 3 positions: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
  • Unbalanced output on Jack
  • Can be worn on the belt
  • Box of white and gray audio adhesive paste provided
  • Double sided, Velcro
  • Case size: 55X40X30mm
  • Storage bag


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