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System suitable for small or light instruments such as the violin, viola, oud, ukulele, etc. C2 or C3 contact microphone, mini XLR connectors, operation on phantom power, XLR output, 9v battery option + output Jack, connecting cable 2,2mm in diameter, belt clip, high levels on stage...



Modules X48X with C2 or C3 contact microphone – 9v battery option + output Jack

These systems are composed of a module X48X, a 2,2mm diameter connection cable with Mini XLR connector and a C2 or C3 microphone kit adapted to your instrument. The 9 volt battery option allows you to power the system autonomously, so you can go out directly Jack or compensate for a lack of phantom power.

The advantage of these systems is the lightness and miniaturization of the connectors and cables used, particularly well suited to small or light instruments such as the violin, viola, oud, ukulele, cavaquinho, etc. But also the possibility of carrying the module on the belt, the operation on phantom power or 9v battery which can allow to connect in Jack on an amp, a wireless transmitter or on effects pedals with of course all the advantages of the contact microphone Ischell, feedback resistance and sound quality!


  • C2 or C3 contact microphone kit. Microphone characteristics
  • Microphone kit length: 15cm for violin and viola, 45cm for other instruments
  • Mini XLR turntable to be fixed on the instrument with adhesive putty, double-sided or Velcro.
  • All-metal Mini XLR connectors
  • Connection cable supplied with the system. You have the choice between a length of 1,2 meters and 2,2 meters depending on whether you want to wear the module on your belt or put it on the ground.
  • Operation on phantom power from 9 to 48v.
  • 9 volt battery operation option + output Jack
  • Low cut 3 positions available on the case: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
  • Balanced XLR output
  • unbalanced Jack out with the 9 volt battery option
  • Belt clip
  • audio adhesive putty for the contact microphone supplied
  • Double-sided adhesive tape and Velcro scratch provided for fixing the microphone kit
  • Microphone dimensions: Height 12/13 mm with the putty - Diameter: approximately 25 mm
  • Module dimensions: 75 x 30 x 30/35 mm
  • Online user manual
  • Semi-rigid storage case

7 reviews for X48XC

  1. 5 on 5

    Barbara -

    Super happy with this microphone and the service Ischell ! I asked to lengthen the cable to avoid attaching the tape to the violin, so I have the fixation on the cushion and do not damage the varnish! The sound is faithful to the acoustic violin, we keep the roundness and expression: vibrato, nuances, accents and effects of the bow come out very well. No saturation on double strings or feedback, unlike other cartridges. I used it for jazz and traditional music (in small ensembles) and have no complaints, it's perfect! In addition, very good customer service and fast delivery, go for it!!

    Image #1 from Barbara
    Image #2 from Barbara
    Image #3 from Barbara
  2. 5 on 5

    jin -

    Very good microphone for violin (I used it for contemporary music). Good service.
    French company is convenient for communicating.

  3. 5 on 5

    Anonymous -

    frPays de la Loire, France

    The "ISCHELL“let the soul of my gypsy violin pass through!
    Najis tuke (thanks to you) Fischer!
    Tshatshimo from “Bijou Horse”

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  4. 5 on 5

    François AGEORGES -

    frAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

    It starts with an excellent contact, we take the time to talk about the instrument, the needs, the solutions. Installation very well explained on the site. Okay, but then the sound? The sound !! it's that of my mandolin, a really acoustic sound, with a slight compression, I love it. Finally a real amplification, it's not a piezo, it's not a microphone in front of the instrument with all its drawbacks, no compromise, it's the solution ISCHELLHey guys, well done!

    Image #1 from François AGEORGES
    Image #2 from François AGEORGES
  5. 5 on 5

    Guillaume G. -


    Very good contact microphone, practical and with a very nice sound reproduction

  6. 5 on 5

    Anonymous -

    I am extremely satisfied with the sound of the contact microphone with an oud! The sound volume that can be achieved without feedback near an amplifier is incomparable to what one could obtain with an aerial microphone, and so much more faithful to the acoustic sound than a piezo pickup or other microphones. contact I tried.

    On my floating bridge oud, the contact microphone is installed with the gray putty at position number 2 suggested by the manual Ischell with the low cut deactivated (“flat” position). At a very high volume, I have nevertheless found that the low cut is necessary.

    Unlike many oudists who use systems (Ischell or others) with a connector Jack, I opted for the Mini-XLR version as the connectors are smaller and lighter, and therefore less bulky on the ribs of my oud.

  7. 5 on 5

    ChristyDes -

    After having tested several recording microphones with my bass viola da gamba, it turns out that the contact microphone X48 + CVX gives excellent results!
    I specify that I am very demanding when the result that I wanted to obtain from my recordings because it is for professional use.


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