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System with remote electronics, fixed or removable installation of the C2 or C3 contact microphone, phantom power with 9v battery option allowing output Jack, native XLR output, high levels on stage ...



System with remote electronics for gypsy guitar, folk guitar, oud, double bass and for instruments for which you do not want to have the electronics on the instrument. High levels on stage…

Options: Removable with mounting plate for Jack on the instrument, fixed with installation of the Jack inside the instrument requiring drilling. C2 or C3 contact microphone. Model C2, powered by 9v battery with output Jack available simultaneously with the XLR output.


  • C2 or C3 contact microphone kit. Microphone characteristics
  • Cable 25cm to 65cm depending on the instrument, 2mm in diameter
  • Fixed installation: Jack to be installed in the instrument with drilling,
  • Removable installation: Fixing plate for the jack on the instrument by double-sided or Velcro,
  • Cello: The plate is curved to be able to be fixed on the front of the tailpiece
  • Double bass: Plate for fixing the Jack between two ropes
  • Requires a connection cable from the microphone to the module in Jack/Jack mono available here
  • Operates on 9/48v phantom power.
  • Balanced XLR output. Requires XLR/XLR cable available here
  • Exit Option Jack with 9 volt battery operation for the micro C2.
  • X48C2 Low cut available on the case: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
  • X48C3-T New through-feed electronics, very high-end components, low cut 2 positions available on the case: Flat / 180Hz
  • Belt clip
  • audio adhesive putty Ischell provided
  • Double-sided adhesive tape and Velcro scratch supplied with removable options
  • Microphone dimensions: Height 12/13 mm with the putty - Diameter: approximately 25 mm
  • Module dimensions: 95 x 30 x 25 mm
  • Online user manual
  • Storage bag

12 reviews for X48JC

  1. 5 on 5


    Very good result even at high power, I have not tested it in concert but the tests are excellent!
    The installation went well thanks to the precise explanations provided, thank you Mr Fischer

  2. 5 on 5

    Bertrand -

    frNew Aquitaine, France

    Super micro, this is the first time that I have a simple system that faithfully reproduces the acoustic sound of my gypsy guitar. The installation instructions are very clear and allow you to quickly find the right position for the microphone.

  3. 5 on 5

    Florian Roy -


    Un X48JC with a C3 microphone on my double bass. The sound is crazy. Note the knowledge base is very complete and very clear and must be taken into account! Especially on the placement of the microphone. Originally I ordered a X-Jack but they very kindly advised me to go on their new product and I'm super happy. it's not what I ordered but they advised me to

    Image #1 from Florian Roy
  4. 5 on 5

    Anonymous -

    frIsle of-France, France

    Just perfect ! Super advice by phone to guide in the choice of the microphone according to my use. Very satisfied, easy to install on my gypsy guitar (the first time!), used several times in stage condition on an AER, the microphone responds perfectly, no feedback.

  5. 5 on 5

    Fournier -

    Super quality contact microphone for cello. I use it with an ampliAER, the perfect combo. Advice for choosing the best microphone, fast delivery and quality after-sales service. In short, I recommend.

  6. 5 on 5

    Francois-Xavier Luchart -

    Excellent product. I finally found a qualitative solution to sound my hammered dulcimer.

  7. 5 on 5

    lifecanbesonice -

    First of all the telephone advice which allowed me to choose exactly the microphone according to my rather specific needs for my Deering open back banjo, I wanted to keep the open back sound as much as possible. Then delivery in a perfectly secure package. And finally the installation, which can be done alone, but I chose to leave this task to the luthier Fred KOPO with whom we wisely chose the location according to the expected sound. I must say that the result is perfect. Total absence of feedback at high volume and reproduction of the original sound very faithful. Really a great product. I am won over!

  8. 5 on 5

    Giovanni weiss -

    My name is Giovanni Weiss. I would like to briefly tell you my meeting with Ischell.
    I'm playing 32 years of Django Reinhardt guitars / selmer guitars and have always the same problem, the acoustic decrease of the guitar. I tried various microphones and pickup systems, and they all failed after the first concert. I have a project with the NDR Bigband and unfortunately I have mostly because I do not use my Django guitar because I simply can not get through as soon as the sound is about right, humming and whistling everything so loud that you have to make it quieter again. A few days ago I got the Ischell system. When I unpacked, I thought of myself a new one I made it and first the acoustic of the guitar checked, if something changes, but everything well. Then I connected it to my amp, made a few settings and saw there finally there was pressure and still an acoustic sound. After a few more settings and recordings, I was thrilled and noticed that now the problems of picking up these guitars are finally solved, and in a perfect way without damaging the guitar or changing anything. I'm really looking forward to playing my Django guitar on every concert !! THANK YOU ISCHELL !!! I will also try the system with the Air Mic and the Contact Mic and tell you. Giovanni weiss

  9. 5 on 5

    DOMABO -

    Installation today on a Weissenborn! difficult to make simple as the sound quality, the active power of the microphone, the perfect reproduction of the instrument is respected, a sound of unparalleled purity ... Right settings on a 100 W ACUS amplifier, and there! Boom the ball! advice to the undecided .. Going for it is a bomb.

  10. 5 on 5

    Doug martin -

    I have used this mic on several gigs now and it is a truly fantastic unit! The sound is excellent and no feedback! I'm using a Zoom A3 box in between the mic and the PA so I can use the EQ and boost function. Actually I just roll off some treble and that's about it. It doesn't need much at all. Excellent product !!
    ISCHELL note: Doug Martin was a member of Lulo Reinhardt's Latin Swing Quartet and John Jorgenson Quintet

  11. 5 on 5

    cormieroud -

    It's great, natural, hyper dynamic with a lot of sensations close to the natural. For the oud, I think it is the most faithful solution that exists!

  12. 5 on 5

    FlavioN -

    I am Brazilian and I have two of their products and I am very happy with these products.
    I have tested all kinds of mics that exist on the market, and I think the X48 + CPJ is the best option for a viola.

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