Micro CPJ Kit

119,00 - 179,00

Contact microphone C1, C2 or C3. Fixing plate of the Jack for various instruments ...



Microphone kit for BOX, MK ONE system, X48, J48. For guitar, harp, banjo, double bass etc.


  • C1 and C2 contact mics are suitable for BOX, MK ONE, 1X48, X48JC version V1 or V2
  • The C3 contact microphone is suitable for systems 1X48 et X48JC version V3
  • Connectors Jack with mounting plate for various instruments
  • Double-sided and Velcro scratch to fix the turntable on the instrument
  • Fixing plate between two specific strings for double basses
  • audio adhesive putty provided

2 reviews for Micro CPJ Kit

  1. 5 on 5

    Thierry DI FILIPPO -

    TOP ! THANKS :-)

  2. 5 on 5

    Jean Pierre B. -

    frIsle of-France, France

    The best system to equip a guitar with minimum on-board equipment and unparalleled sound. All for a low price because I already had an external preamp Ischell 1X48 for another guitar and I play only one guitar at a time ...
    I mounted it myself, without difficulty after removing 15-20% of the putty provided, like on my other guitar. The sausage is therefore more 5 mm in diameter than 6 as recommended. A firm grip with your fingers on the guitar top and it's perfect on the first try. I tried other competing systems ex USA, some of which were factory fitted on prestigious guitars, there is no picture! What amazes me is the confidential distribution of this brilliant system!

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