Micro APJ Kit

149,00 - 179,00

A1 or A3 overhead microphone. Platinum Jack to fix on the instrument with double side. Flamenca guitar etc. Acoustic training…



APJ microphone kit

Note that this microphone kit does not work alone, it requires a preamp ISCHELL to work.
Particularly suitable for flamenco guitars, instruments that play in acoustic formation but also in addition to a pickup or cartridge.
Attaches to the instrument with repositionable double-sided.
  • Aerial microphone kit A1 or A3. Microphone characteristics
  • Le A1cwe come to BOX system, MK ONE, X48J ...
  • Le A3 suitable for systems X48J3, J-BOX3...
  • Connectors Jack
  • Mounting plate for Jack by double sided or Velcro Velcro
  • Double sided repositionable and Velcro provided
  • Cable clips supplied
  • Storage bag


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