Contact microphone for double bass, removable, output Jack asymmetrical, works on 9v battery, high levels on stage ...


Double bass system with contact microphone AirBag-C

Le Jack is fixed between 2 strings under the bridge, the 9 volts battery is fixed behind the tailpiece with scratch.


  • Contact microphone AirBag-C
  • Output Jack asymmetric
  • Internal low cut jack 3 positions: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
  • Works on 9 volt battery
  • Approximately 500 hours of operating time with an alkaline battery.
  • Velcro battery fixing behind the tailpiece
  • Adhesive paste and cable clips supplied

4 reviews for J48CCB

  1. 4 on 5

    Serge A. -


    A fairly sharp installation on my double bass, but a very pure sound in the end

  2. 5 on 5

    Sean -

    California, United States

    To put it simply, this contact mic has been a game changer for me. I've rarely had to use my piezo pickup because the Ischell provides me with a microphonic sound with so little coloring that is usable in high volume settings. I've played alongside some loud drummers just using this mic and have had no problems keeping up volume and dynamic wise with them. It projects your standard pizz and arco sound beautifully. I also use a lot of extended techniques in my playing as I often perform in free improv and new music settings, and it is able to amplify those sounds like they should be. It's a revelation to hear the higher overtones, scrapes, rattles, subtones, etc coming out of my amp when using this mic. And it's just a true dream to finally hear what my bass sounds like coming out of an amp for once. This is now my main pickup and one I highly recommend to my friends and any other bassist looking for an accurate reproduction of your sound that will hang in higher volumes.

  3. 4 on 5

    Nineteen Tony -

    I am now very satisfied with this microphone, the bow timbre is excellent and the piz attack respects the initial sound. I had to cut at 360 Hertz because the subs were running at high volume and I therefore compensated with magnetic Reflex microphones at the end of the button that I mix with theischell via a preamp, now, I have the attack, the tone (finished the sound corner corner with the bow) the sub in piz (thanks to the magnets, not restored to the bow) and the big volume (TC electronic BH 500 + 2 Técamp 12 inches of 300 Watt) I however have a question: do you recommend a type of preamp behind theischell ? with two entrances?

    Reply Ischell : No particular recommendation, however, two high-quality models have often been named, the Vintage Revolution Acoustic Box Live (for the quality and grain it gives to the sound) http://www.vintage-revolution.com and also the Felix by Grace Design (high quality Swiss Army knife) http://www.gracedesign.com

  4. 5 on 5

    VString -

    I've had it for 2 months on my double bass and I'm completely satisfied with it. Indeed, you have to take the time to position it, but after that it's only happiness. I use it on the phil jones suitcase and it is serious…. Also, during beef, I used it on other amps, no problem.
    Small flat: it is the color of the fixed WHITE paste. Indeed, it is efficient. BUT it will be BLACK in color, it would be more harmonious.

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