inside J48C

259,00 - 368,00

Contact microphone C1, C2 or C3, fixed installation (drilling required), Unbalanced Jack out, works on 9 volt battery, option of volume button or wheel, high levels on stage…



System with contact microphone C1, C2 or C3 for acoustic guitar, folk, classical, gypsy, harp, banjo, kora, n'goni ...

These systems are made to be installed inside your instrument. We recommend that you call on your Luthier for the installation requiring in particular the drilling of the instrument for the Jack and the potentiometer option.


  • Option contact microphone kit C1, C2 or C3. Microphone characteristics
  • Cable length suitable for your instrument
  • Jack to be installed in the instrument with 12mm hole, fixed installation
  • Volume knob option> with piercing, for koras, n'gonis ...
  • Volume button option on support> No drilling, for harp ...
  • Volume wheel option> without drilling, vent edge, guitar for example ...
  • Internal low cut Jack 3 positions: Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
  • unbalanced Jack out.
  • Works on 9 volts battery. Autonomy of operation approximately 500 hours
  • Trip Jack symmetrical and operation on 9 / 48v phantom power possible (advanced users). Requires cable Jack stereo / XLR available here
  • Cable and audio clips adhesive putty Ischell provided
  • Online user manual

42 reviews for inside J48C

  1. 5 on 5

    stone groepche -

    This system is faithful to the acoustic sound of my guitar. I didn't want to engage the low cuts in order to be able to adjust the sound at the amp. But my “Dublin” guitar  KOPO guitares generates a lot of bass. I really need to cut the bass frequencies from the amp. I will ask my luthier to activate the low cuts.

  2. 5 on 5

    Simcha -

    Amazing pickup, and even more amazing customer service. Fischer was extremely helpful and patient and guided me in choosing the best pickup option for my instrument and my needs. He gave very explicit instructions for finding the best location in the instrument, and was very supportive all along the way. Shipping time was very fast, and the pickup comes with everything necessary to easily set up in the instrument, and a lot of spare materials for experimenting different placements and future uses.
    The sound of the ischell is truly impressive. I used to have a K&K twin piezo, and was always bothered with the sound of my harp, which just didn’t sound to my ears like my harp really sounded.
    With the ischell, after finding proper placement, I find that I don't need any eq adjustments. I just plug in and play amplified and get a really good sound.
    Fischer explained how to experiment with pickup placement in order to find the most natural sounding position on the soundboard, thereby not requiring eq adjustments to the sound later on.
    I recently recorded myself during a live concert, and after listening to the recording, I realized how amazing this pickup really sounds! I was so happy with the sound I ended using the track. So you could even record with this without needing any external condenser microphone if necessary to record in a loud location.

  3. 5 on 5

    Cyrill G. -

    Excellent system, the position is very important, but once the right place is found, the result is very impressive! Thank you for this awesome system!
    Taylor Folk Guitar

  4. 5 on 5

    Claude L. -

    Easy to install, easy to use, and an undeniable “acoustic” sound recording quality, close to perfection!
    folk guitar

  5. 5 on 5

    Yann PIQUERET -

    Of course, the system Ischell is an investment. But what happiness! Farewell feedback, farewell its narrow or unrecognizable. I play kamalen'goni with a drummer, two guitarists, a double bass player and a singer. I needed power: it is there with the system Ischell, while preserving the sound quality of the instrument. No negative point, even if you look carefully… It is up to the musician to work on the sound afterwards with a DY, an equalizer etc…. In short, thank you Ischell !

  6. 5 on 5

    Anonymous -

    Finally a real faithful acoustic guitar sound without any feedback! very high quality microphone. The placement of the microphone is essential and can give very different results, thanks to mr Ischell for the time spent testing, the result is worth it!

  7. 4 on 5

    Stéphane -

    reReunion, Reunion

    Ma kora sounds perfect.

  8. 5 on 5

    Guillaume G. -


    Completely satisfied.. The sound system is magnificent with this microphone respecting the acoustics of the instrument (kora)..

  9. 5 on 5

    Patrick M. -


    Here is finally a microphone (C3) without feedback with respect for the sound. I will perform changmicrophone placement elements to optimize sound.
    I took two. the other will be installed indoors to preview the sound.
    I recommend.
    inside J48C

    Image #1 from Patrick M.
    Image #2 from Patrick M.
  10. 5 on 5

    Antoine Staquet -

    I installed this microphone on my Flamenca Camps MC-5, and the sound is just magnificent, hyper faithful to the sound of the acoustic guitar.
    I love.
    I plan to install the same microphone on my Larrivee in the fairly near future.

    Image #1 from Antoine Staquet
    Image #2 from Antoine Staquet
  11. 5 on 5

    Frank Michalon -

    I had equipped my Esteve classical guitar with a piezo. I was not satisfied with it at all. By dint of looking for information, I became interested in the proposal forIschell - a production of the hexagon. It took me a long time to complete the installation: lots of trial and error, each time requiring the strings to be relaxed and then retuned. This system is worth it! I greatly appreciated the availability of Fischer who, by telephone, was able to guide me very effectively. The result is magnificent ! It is very interesting to try to start playing without the amplification, to soak up the acoustic sound, and, when you put the sound of the amp (Acus 8 in this case) you are surprised to hear exactly the acoustic sound. It's the first time I feel that. Cheer ! I discover a new pleasure to play this classical guitar. I intend to equip my folk guitar with the same system.

  12. 5 on 5

    Pascal OMNES -


    Very satisfied with the INSIDE J48 C system with a C2 capsule mounted on a kora electric of my manufacture.

    The sound is fantastic and very close to the sound of a kora acoustic. All the acoustic spectrum is respected brilliantly without feedback.

    The design of the C2 capsule is visually very pleasant compared to the C1 capsule. It also mounts more easily than the C1 in terms of compression adjustment.

    A highly recommended purchase for those who want to sound a kora !

    Bravo ISCHELL who responds quickly to all technical questions for an optimal end result

    Image # 1 from Pascal OMNES
    Image # 2 from Pascal OMNES
  13. 5 on 5

    Fabrice -

    my guitar playing evolving… my rhythms taking more and more of an alternation of strings and percussion, it was necessary to be pro, clean and efficient! I found ! 6 tests accompanied by Mr. Fischer to arrive at a setting still in test (5 concerts performed) but already very satisfactory !!! The 25 dates of the tour will (probably… or not) consolidate the investment, but the investment is final! Musicians, music lovers or spectators… everyone recognizes the warmth of this new sound! A new, quality playing field that opens up to precision and more subtle creation for Salga la luna!
    Thank you sir ! :)

    Image # 1 from Fabrice
  14. 5 on 5

    Guillaume G. -


    Very good quality microphone, respecting the acoustics of the instrument.

  15. 5 on 5

    Hamid Gribi -

    frBrittany, France

    Microphone installed on my Kamelen'Goni, the reproduction of my natural sound with this contact microphone, is just extraordinary. Nothing is overdone in the sound.
    The sound of the acoustics is just amplified without frills ...
    The microphone was installed inside the calabash behind the bridge…I highly recommend for anyone looking for pure sound…Thank you very much Ischell...

    Image # 1 from Hamid Gribi
    Image # 2 from Hamid Gribi
  16. 5 on 5

    Lucas rizzotti -


    In all seriousness, I am very satisfied with the J48C for my kora. This micro sensor, placed in the calabash and under the bridge allows to have a much better sound than the micro cells that I tested before. The top for the stage. I also use it in the studio in addition to an AKG C451 small diaphragm microphone pair. In short, it has become essential to me! Even if I use the phantom power most of the time, I recommend taking the battery option, it's still practical.

    Image # 1 from Lucas Rizzotti
  17. 5 on 5

    Gwenole Courtas -

    frPays de la Loire, France

    Great ! After several personal tests I went to St-Herblain to optimize the pose with the designer on my Boucher Studio guitar. The sound of the new placement is exceptional! We find the great dynamics of the guitar that I certainly would not have had with a piezo pickup. It is bluffing. In addition, the after-sales service is really attentive.

    Image # 1 from Gwenole Courtas
    Image # 2 from Gwenole Courtas
  18. 5 on 5

    Xavier Margogne -

    I pair this cell with a DPA 4099, and the duo works really well. After several positioning and tests done with its designer (a chance!), I found the sound (finally!) Of my Gaffiero gypsy guitar. A real happiness after the many tests on piezo and other cells not tip top.

    Thank you!

  19. 5 on 5

    Olivier -

    The best I have ever tried .. and really I have had a lot in thirty years of practice ...
    A very faithful reproduction with good dynamics. Thank you for the quality work.

  20. 5 on 5

    Philippe Bouyou -


    A fabulous sensor, with exceptional fidelity. Mounted on a Martin HD28 cs, it really conveys the acoustic response of this instrument.
    Bravo Ischell, I finally found the product to offer to customers of the workshop who are looking for the top of the range.

  21. 5 on 5

    Bertrand H. -


    I installed this mic myself, but I have the right tools because I am fond of carpentry. No particular problem, I followed the instructions to the letter. Sound level, for me it's really good, nothing to do with the usual piezo, the tone of the guitar is much more natural, with a good level. He has to pass the group / concert play test, but I'm confident he's going to live up to it!

  22. 5 on 5

    Neven Sebille Kernaudour -

    frBrittany, France

    Very good sound on my folk guitar!

  23. 5 on 5

    Thomas Moreau -


    Installation of the sensor inside the guitar simplified by the use of a webcam connected to the computer. I could not put the sensor in the recommended place (just under the saddle) because of the particular shape of the bracing (composite, Garrison guitar), I had to put it just behind the cheCitys, between the and D. Plugged into a sound system (Bose L1 tower), the sound is totally faithful! you can hear the qualities as well as the faults of the guitar and the player, without needing to equalize… beware, the “parasitic” noises too: rubbing of the palm on the tailpiece, sliding of fingers on the strings, light percussion on the body, everything about the guitar. Apart from that, nothing… I shouted near the table, I played very loudly glued to the sound system, not a shadow of feedback, and always an extremely faithful sound… I love it!!!

    Image # 1 from Thomas Moreau
  24. 5 on 5

    Christophe LE PELLIER -

    frTops-of-France, France

    Very satisfied ! of the “operation” performed on my Alhambra guitar. The instrument did not move after placing the microphone inside J48C 9v battery option (the sound remains the same except amplification) and the rendering with the amplification is very natural, authentic!
    Excellent result! I can only recommend.
    Thanks again.

  25. 5 on 5

    Jakez FRANCOIS -


    Ideal accessory for on-board installation in a harp.

  26. 5 on 5

    Pascal Marzan -

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Very satisfied with the quality of this microphone placed directly under the bridge. Works great on my 10 string guitar.
    Remarkable sound very close to the natural acoustic of the guitar appreciated by other musicians whether in an orchestra with the London Improvisers orchestra, in small ensembles and duets with saxophonists, clarinettists, pianists ... Very pleasant to turn up the power without fear of feedback . I recommend.

  27. 5 on 5

    Gerard GORY -


    Customer from the start, I use exclusively theinside J48C which gives me complete satisfaction in the fidelity of the sound, no customer has come back to complain about the product on the contrary.

    Good continuation !

    Gerard GORY

  28. 5 on 5

    Felix Dedet -


    The microphone is easy to install, especially with your advice. The musician is extremely satisfied with the sound. The only problem is with the adhesive that holds the battery (not the scratch). He is not of great power. The battery fell, I replaced it with a double sided one and since then everything is fine.

  29. 5 on 5

    Alan richard -

    I have this system fitted to a KOPO Sassandra nylon string guitar ( and it produces wonderful tones, capturing the high and low frequencies beautifully. The volume wheel works well and is very useful for solo work - that extra boost when needed - and perfectly hidden inside the guitar's sound hole.

    I did have a problem at first: the pre-amp socket developed a fault on the 48v power supply. Goal Fischer at Ischell very quickly supplied a complete new system and I am very pleased with the result. In fact I think the sound is better than before because I used a very skilled luthier to fit it this time; the position of the microphone is very important. great service Ischell - thank you !!

  30. 5 on 5

    pierrequerre -

    Editing made by Fischer himself on my Lowden guitar which I didn't want to touch on the violin…
    Result: today I am asked where my microphone comes from because the sound is indeed very natural (can sometimes lack a little treble, but it probably comes from the guitar) and so much hotter than a piezo :) Thank you !

  31. 5 on 5

    contact1 -

    Very good microphone. Nice sound, powerful and faithful. Very good advice for the installation. Impeccable delivery.
    Microphone installed on a kora, in the calabash, under the bridge, as advised. Bass, midrange and treble are present and very pretty.
    I hesitated for a long time, I admit it… I think I will take advantage of it for a long time.

  32. 5 on 5

    Laurent -

    I had tried to add sound to my Dobro (or resonator guitar) by attaching a small microphone (brand xxx) powered by phantom to the gills. The sound was correct but impossible to push the sound volume: wherever I stood, it was feedback and company. See you at Ischell, we left to install the J48C externally under the strings on the biscuit next to the bridge, but my strings are too close to the body, so no room to place the microphone. So we dismantled the resonator and placed the microphone of a inside J48C under the cookie, then pop out the jack by drilling a hole on the edge. First rehearsal, it sounds hellish: the sound is faithful to the resonator, not the slightest feedback or parasitic resonance! The icing on the cake: the microphone respects the dynamics of the game. Indeed, I do not need to increase the volume on the amp or the sound system when I switch to chorus: I just have to attack the strings harder, then to play more slowly in rhythm and that does it.
    It rolls, therefore. I could possibly try to use my dobro to make metal ?!
    We look forward to seeing you! Ischell.
    Laurent de Saint-Nazaire (Okie, Doctor Robert)

  33. 5 on 5

    MAZEL Alain -

    I sounded an ArchTop nylon jazz guitar with a inside J48C.
    High quality results, quite comparable to the sound systems very popular today in classical guitar ...
    Great respect for sound.
    Quality, service and advice: thank you ISCHELL

  34. 5 on 5

    Herve Porta Delsol -

    On my ACUS one Fourstring 5 amp, the original sound of my vintage Martin OM 28 guitar is fully restored thanks to the system Ischell Inside J48C9. I highly recommend this product, the price-quality ratio of which seems amply justified to me.
    In addition, the reception and advice help to make a good choice.

  35. 5 on 5

    Thomas mauerhofer -

    Great microphone for my gypsy guitar, very resistant against feedback even at high stage volume levels!

  36. 5 on 5

    JP Leroy -

    cells ischell received, installed on my gypsy guitar. Already done 3 concerts with and frankly c great !!!! Your cell is doing its job super well. This is without a doubt the best I got in the cell in terms of rendering… I'm really very happy !!!

  37. 5 on 5

    stess -

    Hello everyone
    It is really time that I left you my thoughts on the system Ischell j48C .I have been using it for 5 years on various traditional instruments such as the n'goni, the guembri and today the KORA Frankly it's the tip top, the sound each TIME is bluffing !!
    This cell is especially not there to color but to reproduce the sound faithful to the own acoustics of the instrument, from the studio to live through any amplifiers or PA.
    Today to further optimize this system I invested in an ACUS amp, wouaw, pure happiness!
    So friends do not hesitate, these products are essential if you are in love with sound and moreover with the amplification of traditional instruments, THANK YOU again ISCHELL……

  38. 5 on 5

    Fred kopo -

    Always so interesting, close to the acoustics of the instrument, easy to install when you are used to it.
    Well done Fisher!

  39. 5 on 5

    Jordan wencek -

    Guitars, violins, mandolin, double bass….
    Delighted with each new assembly! The guy works well !!!

  40. 5 on 5

    Guitatti -

    I have a 6-string banjo that I am very happy to use this contact microphone with, thank you for this miracle solution!

  41. 5 on 5

    KoraBeat -

    Yes high Fischer, thanks for spending time on my kora, the rendering is magnificent both live and in the studio!
    Nothing to say Big up Man !!
    Good luck and thank you again for everything !!

  42. 5 on 5

    wassakunba -

    To amplify my kora this is the best of the best: easy to install, no wires lying around on the kora everything is inside, a sound faithful to the acoustics of the instrument. In short, an investment that I do not regret and that I recommend to any player of kora.

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