BAR X 8/40

1490,00 - 4590,00

System with 1 contact microphone per blade, for balafon, vibraphone, marimba… From 8 to 40 microphones!



System with a contact microphone per blade or sound source, for balafon, vibraphone, marimba, experimental etc… up to 40 microphones!


  • Standard system for balafon 22 microphones
  • Standard system in two linked parts, for chromatic balafon and vibraphone, 37 microphones
  • We can manufacture a system adapted to your instrument, up to 40 microphones, contact us
  • Remote master section, connection with BARs by swiveling XLR to adapt to all configurations
  • General balanced XLR output
  • General release in Jack asymmetric
  • Insert In / Out in Jack
  • Power supply via 12v mains adapter supplied
  • Cable length of each microphone adjustable from 10 to 30cm
  • Volume of each microphone accessible from the front by screwdriver
  • Low cut 3 positions 360Hz / 180Hz / Flat, in increments of 7/8 microphones, accessible from the front
  • Master section volume knob
  • Quick replacement of the microphone kit in case of failure, 1 free backup microphone kit
  • audio adhesive putty for microphones provided
  • The microphones do not affect the acoustic sound of the instrument
  • Attachment of the system under the front or rear blades by scratch, adjustable in length / width to adapt to the instrument
  • Vertical attachment system for the vibraphone and horizontal for the balafon
  • Rigid transport tube with system support provided
  • Usually shipped within 2 to 3 weeks

2 reviews for BAR X 8/40

  1. 5 on 5

    Maarika -

    Only good things to say! Super quality product, super helpful service. So I'm a super happy customer, recommending this place to anyone searching for excellent mics for an acoustic instrument. Thanks!

    Image # 1 from Maarika
    Image # 2 from Maarika
  2. 5 on 5

    Josselin Q. -

    frPays de la Loire, France

    Without doubt the best sound system for a precise and warm blade sound;) It works very well on balafons, marimbas, and exceptional on vibraphones because it manages to capture the effect of natural vibrato !!

    Image # 1 from Josselin Q.
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