ACUS One 6T Wood /Black

839,00 - 908,00

Amp ACUS One 6T Wood or Black 130 Watts bi-amplified. Three separate inputs (2 XLR /Jack and 1 Jack) with 3-band equalizer, effect… Perfect for rehearsals, acoustic scenes ..



We recommend the ACUS amplifiers that will suit your system particularly well. ISCHELL. they are equipped with XLR inputs with the phantom power required for the systems X48 and J48 Series, their his is warm, round, uncompressed, the highs are fine, the equalizations soft but effective, the reverb is of quality ... The final rendering, in combination with a system ISCHELL is very acoustic and pleasant to use, allows to mix three sources + RCA inputs / outputs, direct out ... For most stringed instruments, rehearsals and acoustic scenes ... These amps are made in Italy by ACUS SOUND ENGINEERING. 2 years warranty.


  • Cover, for transport and protection
  • Black version, ACUS One 6T Black


  • Power: 130W, 2-way bi-amplification
  • 2 input (XLR + line)
  • 1 line inputs
  • 3-band Eq
  • Reverb
  • Stereo RCA input and output
  • Direct Out
  • Phantom Power
  • HP: 1 x 6 ″ + 1 tweeter
  • Weight: 10.5 Kg.

2 reviews for ACUS One 6T Wood /Black

  1. 5 on 5

    daniel -


    Superb! I took the black which looks very good. I bought it to replace a Bose S1 pro amp. In terms of noise, it's quite another thing, nothing to do with it. Where, on the Bose, we only heard a sonic magma (I'm exaggerating a little bit) we have, on the Acus, a perfect definition of sounds on all registers. Nothing to say, it's very good material!

  2. 5 on 5

    Emanuel N. -


    Amplifier very well equipped and a very good sound reproduction for the instruments, a little less for the voice.

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