ACJ Pickups Kit


Kit 2 microphones: contact and aerial. Jack stereo to be installed in the instrument, drilling is required. For guitar, harp etc. All conditions ...



Kit 2 microphones, aerial and contact for MSK2 system, 2X48

Le Jack stereo is installed in the instrument and requires its drilling. For guitar, harp ...

  • Microphone kit A1 + C1
  • Suitable for system MSK 2 and 2X48
  • Connector Jack to be installed in the instrument, drilling required
  • putty to fix supplied
  • Cable clips

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  1. 4 on 5

    nick sansone -

    Great natural sound from the guitar. I like the ability to blend the two different pickups, and it does well in small venues. Like any microphone system, there is a volume limit / feedback issue that arises, and I can rarely have my volume level for soloing high enough without having to turn down manually when playing rhythm. I find this to be the best at picking up the real sound of my instrument and it's hard to find a better system out there, even with the natural drawbacks of using a mic.

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