2X48 for any use with a micro kit AAPJ, ACPJ, AAJ, ACJ… or as a replacement for an MSK2…


2X48 for any use with an AAPJ, ACPJ, AAJ, ACJ microphone kit ... Ischell or as a replacement for an MSK2.


  • Volume knob for each mic
  • High Pass 3 positions Flat / 180 / 360Hz
  • Phantom power 9 to 48v possible, the battery does not wear out
  • Battery powered 9v (250 hours) for outings Jack in the absence of 48v
  • Independent balanced XLR outputs and Jack asymmetric
  • XLR outputs and Jack can be used simultaneously
  • Micro Kit input in Jack stereo
  • User manual
  • Storage bag

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    usUnited States

    The 2×48 system as an upgrade to my old system is just perfect for my use, both in the studio and on stage. Great build quality, ease of use, and most importantly: the sound is fantastic. THANKS!

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