2X48 + ACVX

633,00 - 687,00

Contact + aerial microphone for violin, viola, mandolin, cello… Removable installation, mini XLR connectors, independent outputs on XLR + Jack, works on 9 / 48v phantom power or 9v battery, all conditions ...



Contact and aerial microphone special for violin, viola, mandolin, cello… All conditions…


  • ACVX contact microphone + aerial kit
  • Light mini-XLR connector for violin, viola, rounded mandolin… to be fixed on the tailpiece with Velcro or on the side with putty adhesive
  • The 3,5m long connection cable Jack/ Min XLR or Jack/Jack depending on the choice of connection is provided
  • Volume knob for each mic
  • High Pass 3 positions Flat / 180 / 360Hz
  • Phantom power 9 to 48v possible, the battery does not wear out
  • Battery powered 9v (250 hours) for outings Jack in the absence of 48v
  • Independent balanced XLR outputs and Jack asymmetric
  • XLR outputs and Jack can be used simultaneously
  • putty to fix supplied
  • User manual
  • Storage pouch


  • Violin type clamp connector, suitable for flat mandolin, maximum thickness 45mm (More? Contact us)
  • 6 meter link cable instead of 3,5m

3 reviews for 2X48 + ACVX

  1. 5 on 5

    Yves R. -

    frAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

    I have not yet had the opportunity to use these 2 microphones on stage. But at first sight it seems perfect:
    I was able to install them easily with the manual. I easily found the optimal position by doing some tests with a mixer and an acoustic guitar amp.
    The sound of my oud was already very similar to the one it has naturally and this by leaving the equalization flat, both on the table and on the amp. This leaves a good margin of maneuver to adapt the settings to the rather diverse places where I plan to play. I am very happy with my purchase so far. Thank you Ischell ! A bit pricey, but the quality is worth the price. The hardware was well packaged and everything needed to properly attach the mics with.
    In the top !

    Image #1 from Yves R.
  2. 5 on 5

    Florent Gauvrit -


    I play cello and electronic music. I need a part of the timbre of the cello and that we find the acoustics of the instrument, but also an amplified sound that I can process with my software. I then have to broadcast this in an installation where the speakers are all around me, so feedback resistance. Well I'm happy, the sound is really good, no feedback problems and the microphone manufacturer is available for any questions and will help you as best he can! I really recommend trying these cells!

  3. 5 on 5

    Netter Chloe -

    On a violin, the sound is very satisfactory, both for amplified music (rock) and for acoustic music. The rendering is very faithful to the instrument regardless of the output volume.
    This system is easy to use (once the time has been taken to set it up correctly) and relatively unobtrusive (maybe we should invent the black putty-a-fixes?)
    Response, Ischell : Thank you for your comment, if you leave your microphone kit permanently installed on your instrument, you can color the putty with a felt pen… (Remember to protect the instrument with a small paper cover)

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