2X48 + ACPJ

599,00 - 648,00

Contact + aerial microphones, removable installation of the microphone kit, independent outputs on XLR + Jack, works on 9 / 48v phantom power or 9v battery, all conditions ... For many instruments ...



The contact microphone + aerial system 2X48 + ACPJ will be the ideal complement to your stringed instruments, harp, guitar, kora, piano etc. A system that adapts to all stage conditions ...


  • Removable contact microphone + aerial ACPJ kit
  • a contact microphone C1 and an aerial microphone A1
  • Mounting plate for Jack by double-sided or adhesive putty (No drilling)
  • Micro kit / interface connection by cable Jack/Jack optional stereo
  • Volume knob for each mic
  • High Pass 3 positions Flat / 180 / 360Hz
  • Phantom power 9 to 48v possible, the battery does not wear out
  • Battery powered 9v (250 hours) for outings Jack in the absence of 48v
  • Independent balanced XLR outputs and Jack asymmetric
  • XLR outputs and Jack can be used simultaneously
  • adhesive putty, double-sided and cable clips supplied
  • User manual and microphone positioning
  • Storage pouch


  • Cable Jack/Jack 3,5m or 6m angled-straight stereo, Neutrik connectors, for the microphone / preamp kit connection

4 reviews for 2X48 + ACPJ

  1. 5 on 5

    Vincent zanetti -


    I use this system in concerts on 3 of my instruments, a 12-string kamele n'goni and 2 koras, all made by luthier Gweltas Simon. After many years alongside Soungalo Coulibaly, then within Kala Jula (www.kalajula.ch), and today in many other projects, this is by far what I have found most effective and more faithful to reproduce without problem the sound of my instruments.

    Image #1 from Vincent Zanetti
  2. 5 on 5

    Augustine M. -

    frIsle of-France, France

    Very satisfied with the product received, an impeccable sound on my classical harp

  3. 5 on 5

    Fréderic -

    Great guy great advice great stuff

  4. 5 on 5

    Guilhem Tarroux -

    Finally a system that meets all my requirements: sound quality of the aerial microphone, presence on stage thanks to the pad, simplification of the scales, no need to drill the guitar, no need for a microphone stand (very practical for small stage spaces )… What advantages!
    High quality of human and technical reception as well.
    Big thanks!

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