2X48 + ACJ

589,00 - 638,00

Contact + aerial microphone, fixed installation of the microphone kit (drilling required), independent outputs on XLR and Jack, works on 9 / 48v phantom power or 9v battery, all conditions ... For many instruments ...



Contact + aerial microphone, fixed installation for harp, guitar, kora etc. All conditions ...


  • A contact microphone C1 and an aerial A1
  • ACJ microphone kit to install in the instrument (Drilling required)
  • Micro kit / interface connection by cable Jack/Jack optional stereo
  • Volume knob for each mic
  • High Pass 3 positions Flat / 180 / 360Hz
  • Phantom power 9 to 48v possible, the battery does not wear out
  • Battery powered 9v (250 hours) for outings Jack in the absence of 48v
  • Independent balanced XLR outputs and Jack asymmetric
  • XLR outputs and Jack can be used simultaneously
  • User manual
  • Storage pouch


  • Cable Jack/Jack 3,5m or 6m angled-straight stereo, Neutrik connectors, for the microphone / preamp kit connection

1 reviews for 2X48 + ACJ

  1. 5 on 5

    Ian woodward -

    I was told to buy this system or get stuck in front of a microphone stand. There isn't much to say, it's too perfect. With the equalizer flat, my Spanish guitar sounds exactly the same but louder. The wiring in the guitar is well hidden. There is no tweaking anything, everything has been done at the installation. I haven't used it live yet, but in my home studio or in rehearsal, there are no feedback problems. I can get close enough to the speakers at a decent volume without hanging up. Now I have to correct my technique, because we can hear all the details. It's a big step forward in my life as a live musician. I recommend the systems Ischell without hesitation. Before the end of 2017 I will have a video that will allow you to hear for yourself. - Ian Woodward, La Barque Rouge (songs from the five oceans)

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