2X48 + AAPJ

599,00 - 648,00

Two aerial microphones, removable installation, independent outputs on XLR and Jack, works on 9 / 48v phantom power or 9v battery, for flamenco guitar, classical etc. Acoustic training ...



Two aerial microphones, removable installation, for flamenco guitar, classical etc. Acoustic training ...


  • AAPJ microphone kit, 2 A1 aerial microphones, removable
  • Mounting plate for Jack by double-sided or putty to fix (no drilling)
  • Micro kit / interface connection by cable Jack/Jack optional stereo
  • Volume knob for each mic
  • High Pass 3 positions Flat / 180 / 360Hz
  • Phantom power 9 to 48v possible, the battery does not wear out
  • Battery powered 9v (250 hours) for outings Jack in the absence of 48v
  • Independent balanced XLR outputs and Jack asymmetric
  • XLR outputs and Jack can be used simultaneously
  • putty to fix and double sided supplied
  • User manual
  • Storage pouch


  • Cable Jack/Jack 3,5m or 6m angled-straight stereo, Neutrik connectors, for the microphone / preamp kit connection

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    Mat Boris -

    Hello, I am very satisfied with the 2 aerial microphones 2 × 48 + AAPJ, I use them in rehearsal on a flamenco guitar connected to a Schertler Jam 100 amplifier, it sounds very good, the sound is warm and the power at the appointment, attention from do not get too close to the amp otherwise risk of feedback. Otherwise I use them for recording on an H5 zoom by putting each microphone on a track and thus have a stereo recording. The sound recording is good and suitable for a mockup or pre-production style recording. Here. Goodbye. Boris

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