Michel Saulnier

“I practiced today with Ischell microphone that I just bought, I was surprised and delighted to see the faithfulness and power without feedback and without compression of the X48C microphone. 3 low-cut settings are installed in the XLR. I chose the cutoff 360Hz. I did some testing and I compared the sound. The result is surprising, acoustic sound of my bass is almost at 95 percent the same with and without the microphone. So I can play hard enough without distorting its true sound. The fact that it is a condenser microphone must be there for many, a piezo only transmits mechanical vibrations. With this true microphone, we hear all additional sounds or even parasites of the instrument : glissandi, curly, slamming strings, without embarrassment of course!

The second point of satisfaction is the fact that no other instrument in the orchestra is included in this microphone, with its sound insulation.

The third positive point is that this material is made in France by a competent man with whom one can speak of its sound and musical research. This is the first time I really satisfied with my bass amplification.

Thank you very much”

He played with Louis SCLAVIS et l’ARFI: invité du WORKSHOP DE LYON, du MARVELOUS BAND de la MARMITE INFERNALE. With le Quartet d’ITARU OKI avec Claude BERNARD et Oliver JOHNSON. Trio de Faton CAHEN avec Mokhtar SAMBA. Le quartet “DI DONATO, SCLAVIS, SAULNIER, BOLCATO”. Compagnie LUBAT. “Quoi De Neuf Docteur”: Big Band de Serge Adam avec Steve GROSSMAN, Glenn FERRIS, Jack WALRATH. Sophia DOMANCICH et Pip PYLE. 4tet Jean Luc CAPPOZZO, Pascal LE GALL et Nicolas ROUSSERIE. Duo et trio avec Nicolas ROUSSERIE. Trio avec Pierre-Yves Mérel et Arnaud Lechantre. Avec X BASS PENDULUM, orchestre de neuf contrebasses….

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