Daniel Givone

“The MSK2 + ACPJ (2X48 + ACPJ) is without a doubt the best mic system I have tried. The sound of the contact microphone is exceptional natural, we really find the sound of guitar, wood ... It sounds all the time in any amp with precision, presence, gain ...! On stage, the level of feedback is no longer a problem, it's a real pleasure! The aerial microphone when to him, brings the finesse and details of the sound for the facade. A complete and perfectly coherent system, excellent…! ”
Daniel Givone
“I equipped my guitar with the inside BOX + CPJ. The sound of the contact microphone is superbly faithful. No more sound problems in small places, no more need to electrify the sound, you plug in and it sounds! A real joy !"
Anthony Muccio
Below, in this guitar lesson, there is only the contact microphone ISCHELL

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