Double Bass

David Speranza

Davide Speranza use the X-Jack "I gotta say ISCHELL, I really LOVE your pickup. I have been recommending it to my friends. I will definitely give it a great review. I never want to go back to using anything else !" David Speranza

Axel Kühn

To all bassplayers. I recorded a video with my Ischell X-Jack Contact Microphone. The sound was recorded with a stereo mic (zoom recorder) in front of the speaker (Tecamp). In my opinion it's a great tool to amplify the double bass. Axel Kühn

Michel Saulnier

"I practiced today with Ischell microphone that I just bought, I was surprised and delighted to see the faithfulness and power without feedback and without compression of the X48C microphone. 3 low-cut settings are installed in the XLR. I chose the cutoff 360Hz. I did some testing and I compared the sound. The result is surprising, acoustic sound of...

Patrick MANET

Use the X-JACK "We place the microphone in the right place, I turn up the volume and hear the sound of my bass in (much) stronger. It has everything from bass to treble, the timbre of the instrument and even amount the amp loud enough. in short, I broke down! In concert, the contact mic ISCHELL behaves very well, almost to...


Frédéric Chiffoleau use the X-JACK "The contact microphone AirBag-C respect the sound of my bass, and therefore respecting my game. Dynamics, frequency range, everything is there. The small friction of the bow string to the fierce hammering of the strings, the nuances and timbres are respected. The bass are large, woody mids, treble perfectly chiseled, ... and air! I play without correction on my...