– Acoustic guitar test by Marc Lonchampt

The video test with Marc Lonchampt! The results obtained with this microphone are more than positive for their fidelity to the acoustic characteristics of the instrument. I could check its resistance to feedback by positioning the guitar facing the amp, nothing, it is nickel ! Compared to all the piezo-based systems, micro-aerial mounted in the instrument's body or magnetic microphones, the...

Joris Feuillatre

kamalengoni sounded with an Ischell contact microphone It is a versatile instrument, sounded with an Ischell system, mounted with a potentiometer to manage the volume, this contact microphone amplifies the sound very close to the acoustics. There is a built-in pre-amp with a low cut. It's the inside J48C with 9v and volume options The kamalengoni has a stag hide, a wengue...

Pierre Thary

Use the X-Jack I have two systems on my cello. A piezo and an Ischell, but when the engineer tests the two systems, he always takes the ISCHELL !


“Hello a tous, pour la tournée du ptit bal perdu javais deux banjos 6 cordes, 1 Maurice Dupont et 1 Gretsch, tous deux équipés de cellules ischell inside J48C option pile 9v… Ben pas une panne rien !! et pis ça sonne, je n’ai qu un mot a dire c’est : merci patron” Sanseverino

David Speranza

Davide Speranza use the X-Jack "I gotta say ISCHELL, I really LOVE your pickup. I have been recommending it to my friends. I will definitely give it a great review. I never want to go back to using anything else !" David Speranza

Alex Goodman

"The microphone is great! I brought in my acoustic for a set and am having them install the mic so haven't heard it yet. Im really starting to figure out the contact mic on my main archtop though. I got an inline attenuator to help get the right signal strength for live performance and its really adding a lot...

Lulu Zerrad

" I tried out the Ischell aerial microphone with my flamenco guitar. Finally, I bought three of them ! I chosed an aerial mic for the flamenco guitar, a contact microphone for the Oud and one also for the Viola Caipira, which is a brazilian guitar with 10 metal strings. The transparency of the system is what foremost strikes me. Testing...

Manuel Delgado

Flamenca guitar equipped with the MSK2 + AAPJ (2X48 + AAPJ) interface Acoustic MSK2 and a Microphones Kit AA "2Air" " The quality of the sound is very natural and does not leave doubts. The system is easy to use for the sound engineers and not problems in wedges !"   Videos on WWW.LAGUITARE.COM

Ralf Siedhoff

Use the 2X48 + AAPJ "To amplify a classical guitar is always a problem. The best of course is to use good microphones in front of the guitar. But this is only possible if you have a good sounding auditorium and a good PA system and this is normally not so often happen. I was trying many pickup systems for...